As the global leader in 29 countries, Amplifon sees trust and satisfaction as the foundation for their customer relationships. Amplifon strives to find the best hearing solution for each individual customer which is why they receive maximum attention for their individual wishes at nearly 100 Amplifon stores across Switzerland. For free hearing tests, fitting and optimum adjustment of modern hearing aids, the employees use highly specialist audiometry devices and other IT such as PCs that need to run smoothly during opening hours to guarantee excellent service in every branch. If there are any issues, fast response and service times in all parts of the country are crucial so that the staff can focus on their customers. With their own, centralised IT department, this could only be realised with a lot of time and effort as Amplifon’sIT staff were spending more time travelling to the branches rather than actually solving IT issues It was also very difficult to cover holidays or sick leave, so Amplifon were looking for a service provider that could repair PCs throughout Switzerland, maintain branches’ entire IT, and become acquainted with extremely specialised audiometry hardware.


Bechtle already provides this level of field support for Amplifon in Germany, but Amplifon AG Switzerland compared several service providers in the country. However, none of them really covered all corners of Switzerland and there were hardly any providers at all in French-speaking Switzerland. Bechtle Switzerland was a different story. On-site PC, printer and monitor troubleshooting. IT installation at new branches and also enhancing Amplifon’s IT department when repairing audiometry hardware for testing and measuring hearing aids on-site—all carried out professionally and reliably by Bechtle technicians throughout Switzerland. With nine locations across Switzerland, Bechtle can guarantee regional proximity and high availability with fast response and service times. Everything is restored to working order within 24 hours—from Valais to Lake Constance and Grisons to Neuchâtel. Amplifon also makes use of a central Single Point of Contact and central Service Desk at Bechtle. If there is ever a hardware issue, Amplifon informs Bechtle and the correct part is sent by courier to the affected branch.

Bechtle is close to its customers, knows our technology and has technicians throughout Switzerland who can be on-site quickly should anything go wrong at one of our nearly 100 stores. This saves our employees a lot of time that they would’ve spent in the car.

Patrick Weber, Head of IT, Amplifon AG Switzerland

Business Benefits. 

For Amplifon, this Swiss-wide service means that their IT staff are relieved of some of their work. The local Bechtle technicians are located close to the Amplifon shops and can therefore always be quickly on-site and the company’s own IT staff no longer have to jump in their cars themselves which saves time, costs and stress. For this service, Bechtle and Amplifon have agreed a fixed price that is checked every quarter and adjusted as required. Thankfully, in the year since Bechtle has provided Amplifon with technical support, this hasn’t had to happen thanks to Bechtle’s excellent calculations.