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Boschung – innovation, technological progress, and proper security for their IT.

BOSCHUNG is a global leader in surface condition management. The company develops sensor products, special vehicles, automatic de-icing agent sprinkler systems for bridges and motorways, and information management systems for de-icing, snow clearance, and cleaning of operational zones. Thanks to the continued growth of the Boschung group, it now has branches in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Scandanavia, China, Russia, and the USA. The Group is present in many other countries through its network of partners, distributors, and resellers.

Project details.

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  • Server & Storage
  • Trade / Service
  • HPE, SAP
  • >1,500 employees


“A constant commitment to innovation and our passion for advancing technology and safety" is one of Boschung’s hallmarks. The Swiss group also wanted to modernise their IT in order to respond to the needs of their users and offer suitable IT solutions in the evolving market. Following acquisition of the ERP software SAP Hana, our client wanted to evolve their IT infrastructure.

The solution.

Our experts and sales teams conducted pre-sales discussions to define our client’s needs. Subsequently, we proposed a solution that would be able to host our client’s SAP Hana application servers. After studying the different parameters linked to Boschung’s IT infrastructure, our experts confirmed that the best solution would be the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. For the database server part, HPE Proliant HPE servers were recommended.

Moreover, we were confronted by an additional parameter, putting in place these infrastructure within a relatively short period of time.
With our proposals accepted, we then designed the IT solution together with Boschung
(choosing the CPUs, configuring the memory... etc.) adapting the solution and the various configurations in order to be able to provide the equipment with short delivery times.

In parallel to this collaboration with Boschung’s IT team, we worked together with our partner HPE on the design of the solution. The solution approved, we then proceeded to install the infrastructure and configure it before handing over the keys to the customer so that could start operating it themselves. 
Our Experts then carried out the deployment of the SimpliVity extended HPE cluster, installation of the hypervisors, implementation of the extended cluster and its integration into the existing vCenter. Finally, redundancy tests were successfully completed.

The installation of our new infrastructure went very well, with no nasty surprises, and entirely met our expectations within the time frame. We had a very specific set of demands that had to be respected, everything was precisely agreed together beforehand with no room for error which saved precious time.

Roland Rothen, IT Manager Boschung Management AG


he Professional & Managed Services teams have been very positive. Our expectations were taken into account, our environment, our needs were understood and perimeters were well defined—all contributing to maximum efficiency. Few discussions were necessary which meant we could save precious time. The advice of the Bechtle experts is pertinent and their response tailored, proactive—always in line with our expectations,” said Roland Rothen and Gilles Vieli.


“Thanks to this approach, we were quickly able to benefit from our new infrastructure, allowing us to access all the advantages of this new configuration. The HPE SimpliVity solution is easy to manage and offers us great flexibility. It is flexible and scalable without limits in terms of processors. The ease of management offers us a range of benefits and has a lesser impact on what we already had because this solution is dedicated to our ERP software SAP Hana. In addition, another major advantage of these choices is access to a redundant system at both our sites, at a reasonable cost.

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