In addition to a comprehensive sales portfolio of hydraulics products from leading manufacturers, BT-Hydraulik AG also manufactures its own aggregates and puts together hydraulic systems from different existing components. To this end, a CAD system is needed, with which the individual components can be combined to make a full configuration. Rendered depictions of the constructed systems also act as visualisation for customers to aid the sales department. BT-Hydraulik had been working with a CAD system that was actually very complex to use for a long time. The company was therefore looking for a new, future-proof solution that could handle the next five to ten years and was easy to use for the sales team. The new CAD system had to be easier to use than their previous solution. Michel Ritler, Head of the CAD system at BT-Hydraulik, and active in marketing, sales, and technology, says: “We wanted a solution with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that all users could quickly get to grips with.”

We received a turnkey, cutting-edge solution that made our work significantly more efficient. And in Bechtle and Solid Solutions, we have a skilled partner close at hand.

Beat Liechti, Senior Management, BT-Hydraulik AG


In summer 2018, BT-Hydraulik knocked on the door of the Bern branch of SOLIDWORKS partner, Solid Solutions, a Bechtle Group company. Solid Solutions introduced the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD system in the first appointment, in which the framework conditions for the new solution were also determined. After an evaluation phase, Solid Solutions was awarded the tender to implement the new project at the end of 2018.


To use the new CAD, the infrastructure first had to be adapted to meet the requirements of the new software. After careful consideration, BT-Hydraulik decided to also use the Bechtle Group hardware, and received the additional quote from Bechtle for a new server and storage environment. Their CAD system now runs on a Hewlett Packard. Enterprise infrastructure. The processing power is provided by a ProLiant server with 32 gigabyte RAM, and data storage by a combination of SSD and SAS hard disks. An HPE Aruba Switch forms the connection between the server and the network. The server works on a foundation of Windows Server 2019 and Hyper-V and Veeam Backup and Replication provides the backup. The project was oordinated by Bechtle, designed in detail and implemented by provisioning the hardware, setting up the virtualisation environment and installing the backup software. The existing NAS system now also serves as backup storage. Bechtle also took over introduction of a system manager into the new environment.The experts from Solid Solutions also handled regular SOLIDWORKS training of BT-Hydraulik’s team.


Business Benefits.

The introduction of SOLIDWORKS and its underlying infrastructure went smoothly and the users are very taken with the opportunities the new CAD system opens up: “The new CAS system enables us put together and visualise an aggregate quicker and more efficiently from the components,” explains Michel Ritler. And the sales team can also easily use 3D visualisations for customer presentations. The cooperation between Solid Solutions and Bechtle meant that BT-Hydraulik has received a turnkey solution from a single source. For first-level CAD and infrastructure support, BT-Hydraulik themselves are responsible, but for deeper support issues such as infrastructure, Bechtle is available on a case-by-case basis. Application problems with SOLIDWORKS are covered by a maintenance contract with short response times - where BT-Hydraulik also benefit from the local presence of their Solid Solutions partner, meaning no long waiting times or language communication problems with a far-away call centre. And last but not least, the new solution forms a solid foundation for the future and is a significant step in the company’s digital journey.