Human Professional Personalberatung – Trust in a 360° desktop.

Human Professional Personalberatung AG had fallen out of love with their previous cloud solution. The switch to the Bechtle cloud solved all their issues in the blink of an eye and the company now has a highly-available 360° desktop to work with. Even the crucial database solution is running in the new data centre.  

Project details.

  • Cloud
  • Trade / Service
  • <250 employees

Starting point. 

Job searching is a matter of trust is Human Professional Personalberatung AG’s guiding principle. With a large clientele and locations on Zurich’s Bahnhofstraße and in Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz, the company is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Zurich and the surrounding area. 25 employees support customers in finding permanent commercial positions regardless of the size of company industry.


Falling out of love. Trust is incredible important. The company had been working for many years with two external terminal servers before making the switch to a cloud solution in 2013 to accommodate their expansion. However, the IT provider could no longer keep up with the growing demands. The two terminal servers had reached their limits, says Sunnhild Aratsch, Head of Administration and IT admin for Human Professional Personalberatung AG: “The system wasn’t working anymore. We had outages that lasted several days, making any kind of work impossible.”

Cooperation on this project went very smoothly. It was well prepared and executed.

Sunnhild Aratsch, Head of Administration, Human Professional Personalberatung AG


Quick migration. It became very clear to the management that the only option was to find a new provider and the challenge fell to Bechtle. According to Sunnhild Aratsch, there were a number of reasons for this choice: “First of all, we had been given a number of recommendations, and secondly, Bechtle is an expert in cloud solutions for SMEs and made an excellent impression as a reliable partner.” IT services are also a matter of trust. An additional point was that Bechtle were able to implement the switch in a short time – the whole project lasted eight weeks. The fact that this short deadline was met has a lot to do with the excellent collaboration, says Sunnhild Aratsch: “This project went very smoothly. It was well prepared and executed. Bechtle asked the right questions and we were always able to approach them with our queries. In this way, the right solution was quickly found. Without this collaboration and the commitment shown by both parties, we never would have been able to make the switch in time.”


Security for the database solution. At the heart of Human Professional Personalberatung AG is the company-developed database solution, which was running on a separate Linux server outside the cloud before the migration. Today, this solution is on a Microsoft server and, for security reasons, in the cloud—a decision that needed a lot of courage to make, but has never been regretted. “We made the decision to integrate the database solution into the cloud for reasons of security. It’s not a nice feeling when you don’t know where sensitive data is physically stored”, says Sunnhild Aratsch.



The 360° desktop. Today, every application that Human Professional Personalberatung AG needs for their daily work is in the cloud - the database solution, Microsoft Office and a browser. The 360° desktop solution enables the recruitment agency to access their own IT environment in Bechtle ’s Zurich – based data centre meaning that IT is highly-available, flexibly scalable at any time and costs can be budgeted exactly. The data centre is equipped to the highest international security standards (Tier 4) and all components such as the data storage, power supply, cooling etc. are doubled.


Personal service The tough experience with the first cloud meant that Human Professional Personalberatung AG were slightly sceptical about approaching the topic again. However, these initial fears quickly gave way to positivity: “The system is working flawlessly and we haven’t experienced any more outages”, says Sunnhild Aratsch. “We felt like we were in good hands throughout the project.” But Bechtle’s support didn’t come to an end as soon as the project was completed. “The personalised service was greatly appreciated. Whenever I called, there was someone there to answer the phone and every ticket I create is always responded to within the contractually defined time period.”

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