Starting point.

Nexans Schweiz AG wanted to refresh their server, storage and backup infrastructure, taking into consideration their enterprise requirements, which is why we had to offer an HP hardware supported infrastructure. Bechtle had already performed the previous installation of SAN HP EVA in combination with a NetApp infrastructure. We had therefore already been working with Nexans Schweiz AG for ten years, and were logically approached to suggest a suitable solution for the new infrastructure. Thanks to regular and long-term collaboration with our customer, we were able to find the best possible solution within the timeframe. We knew their business needs and the company culture which was a clear advantage for us as we were then able to quickly create an offer. “For technical reasons, we chose Bechtle to be the one to renew our infrastructure. Bechtle already had an all-encompassing understanding of our requirements as they had already realised our existing infrastructure for us, making them perfectly positioned to integrate the solutions while taking into account our circumstances. In addition, Bechtle gave us intensive support in this project and made the best offer,” Jérôme Nikles, Head of IT Infrastructure at Nexans Schweiz AG, tells us.


Project objectives.

With this project, Nexans Schweiz AG wanted to establish process standards to replace their server and storage systems, secure backups, and ensure data storage in order to improve overall system performance and lower operating costs.



In order to find an appropriate solution, Bechtle’s specialists installed three different HP systems: two storage arrays, one backup infrastructure and two HP server clusters, supported by Veeam solutions.


We turned to Bechtle to renew our server, storage, and backup infrastructure in our quite unique context. In Switzerland, our IT has to be compatible with our corporate standards. Bechtle were able to master this challenge without a problem.

Jérôme Nikles, Head of IT Infrastructure at Nexans Schweiz AG


There were three project phases: design, migration and training. In the design phase, our Bechtle specialists physically installed the two HP MSA P2040 storage arrays along with their cabling, and then installed and configured the four ESXi servers. Our engineers also installed and configured Veeam Backup and Replication on the HP DL380 backup server. This backup infrastructure was completed with an HP LTO6 Autoloader.

The second phase encompassed migration of the virtual machines. We guided the Nexans Schweiz AG IT team through the entire migration phase.

The final phase was a training phase with workshops and operative knowledge transfer for our customers.


Customer benefits.

“We now benefit from a scalable infrastructure in which we have complete trust, and we now have a totally reliable system that we can depend on,” Jérôme Nikles says.

“The infrastructure will pay for itself within two years, meaning savings of 60% in five years!,” Jérôme Nikles enthuses.



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