Starting point.

Oventrop connects valves, systems and other systems to create economical, energy-saving and ecological systems for the building services industry. As the demands on these systems have become tougher due to technical advancements and legal regulations, Oventrop offers high-quality solutions that fulfil these requirements.

These are developed, tested and prepared for production in an innovative environment. Oventrop needs a stable and high-performing server infrastructure that combines power and scalability in order to create the necessary technical requirements. For this reason, Oventrop (Schweiz) GmbH decided to move their previously on-premise server environment into the cloud.


Project objectives.

Oventrop wanted to outsource its server infrastructure to a standardised cloud to not only improve IT quality in the long term, but also save money. It had to be easier to run and above all more stable in support than the local infrastructure.

Above all, the goal was that Oventrop (Schweiz) GmbH’s IT department should be able to focus less on hardware maintenance and more on IT strategies while the company as a whole could concentrate more on their core business It was also important that new sites in Switzerland could be quickly connected without new hardware having to be installed and that upgrades or expansions didn’t require huge investments.

For us, there was only one solution: Switching to the cloud. The 360° desktop services provided by Bechtle allowed us to do just that and now we get the support we need for us to be able to focus on our core business.

Daniel Rommler, CEO


In order for Oventrop to reach these goals, Bechtle suggested a Desktop-as-a-Service from the Swiss data centre to be able to work more dynamically and flexibly in the future.




The foundation of the cloud solution tailored for Oventrop is Bechtle’s 360° desktop (Desktop-as-a-Service). The service is an all-round solution in which all systems and highly complex company applications are operated with high availability in the TIER computer centres. With 360° desktop, the company can be sure that its IT will run perfectly, the servers always stay available and data always secure.


With 360° desktop, Oventrop reproduced its entire IT in the cloud. This means that the company’s employees only need a PC or notebook with minimum hardware (thin client) and a network connection in order to access the virtual desktop from anywhere. Applications are made available centrally, meaning that employees always have the same versions of the same applications and standardised access to them.


Bechtle provided all cloud services as a complete package. The IT service provider therefore offers significant and cost-effective support to Oventrop’s IT admins as these cloud service have been developed and standardised according to the company’s needs - a fact that is clear from the costs, support and stability of the service. What’s more, Oventrop can focus more of its energies in its IT strategies and key business.

Business benefits.

Outsourcing the IT infrastructure to the cloud has paid off for Oventrop in several ways: The services from a single source are easy to use and expand. New sites and employees can be added quickly and easily and with minimal costs to the structure. This means that the IT infrastructure is scalable without having to invest large sums of money.

The IT department only has to say what they would like and Bechtle makes it happen. All as an innovative cloud solution in Swiss data centres.