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Renovation-Bern AG – Security and collaboration in the cloud – Renovation-Bern adopts Microsoft 365.

As a reliable partner for all things renovation, Renovation-Bern AG cleans walls and floors, renovates, refurbishes and repairs damage to residential buildings—all from a single source. The employees’ extensive experience and expertise make the company the ideal partner for renovation projects in and around Bern. To enable their staff to securely save, access and share customer data such as photos and accesses while out of the office, the company made the decision to adopt a cloud-first strategy, and so the tradespeople now use Microsoft 365 F1 while those in the office enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Project details.

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Renovation-Bern AG is divided into four specialist departments that cover all aspects of renovation. Alongside painting, plastering, flooring, cleaning and clearing, Renovation-Bern AG also repairs water damage, removes mildew and graffiti and refurbishes lifts—reliably and expertly. The tradespeople and those working in the office work closely together. Customers such as estate agents, the City of Bern, insurance companies, architects and institutions, but also private customers in the Bern region value the company’s efficient and reliable work. To ensure that Renovation-Bern completes their work to the full satisfaction of its customers, Operations Management coordinates every request, ensuring smooth processes and excellent collaboration between the individual departments. Business at Renovation-Bern AG is developing well and the company is growing and customer trust is crucial to this. Their data and accesses to buildings, pictorial documentation and floor plans must be kept secure and be readily available to each of the departments. For this reason, the local IT infrastructure needed to be replaced by a powerful IT network that was both secure and available anywhere. The answer? A cloud-first strategy.


For the migration into the cloud, Bechtle first determined what was required of the new IT. Data needed to be secured on two levels. Firstly, Bechtle had to protect it from unauthorised access, and then a good strategy was required to backup the PC used as an ERP server. Renovation-Bern AG was less concerned about a schedule than it was about a thorough, structured and reliable implementation of their new IT in the cloud. The company chose Microsoft 365 as the employees were well-versed in many of its applications. Bechtle determined the details of the requirements in a Microsoft 365 workshop. SharePoint was to replace Dropbox and local servers, which had previously been used by Renovation-Bern AG, the intranet was to be run on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint libraries established. Bechtle also took into consideration that the company had two user groups and while the tradespeople would be using Microsoft 365 F1, the office staff would have access to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. For both, Bechtle determined that every employee saves data on a personal drive in OneDrive for Business. Those working in the field now also have Active Directory rights for Microsoft Azure and leverage Azure Rights Management Premium. Among the other applications in use are Exchange Online and SharePoint Kiosk, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online. On the other hand, Operations Management and all other office-based staff have access to Exchange Online and use Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, Microsoft Forms, Planner, Teams and, of course, Office for the web.  By using Power Apps, in-house applications can be implemented and Project for Office, SharePoint, Skype for Business Online, To-Do and Whiteboard are used for communicating and meetings.

To ensure security, Bechtle classified all data before the migration and put together a data loss prevention plan and a concept for backups in the cloud. It was important that the employees didn’t notice any of what was going on during their day-to-day business, or have their performance detrimentally affected by the new infrastructure, which is why Bechtle introduced SkyKick for Office 365 as a backup solution. Using it, all Exchange Online mailboxes, OneDrive partitions, SharePoint containers and, of course, Team workspaces were backed up to the cloud.

Thanks to Bechtle, our cloud-first strategy with Microsoft was quickly adapted to our needs and implemented. We are no longer dependent on a local IT infrastructure, but can procure applications as a service from the cloud. To do so, Bechtle completely restructured the internal repository and adapted it to the departments. Even the tradespeople have access to it which has made our work even more efficient. And now that we have Microsoft 365, security is no longer an issue.

Sean Smart, Managing Director, Renovation-Bern AG

Business benefits.

 With Microsoft 365 and both differently structured action plans, Renovation-Bern AG is ready for whatever the future holds. Bechtle completed implementation within budget, even though there were a few hiccups during the migration of public folders to Exchange Online. 

While the project may have taken a week longer than planned, operations with the Bechtle Service Desk as the single point of contact were up and running right on time. Renovation-Bern is now no longer dependent on an on-prem infrastructure as all applications can be used as a service from the cloud. It is now much easier for the employees to find their data in the structured repository and SharePoint using enterprise search, saving not only time, but helping them to work more efficiently with each other. Above all else, the tradespeople are now also connected to the network, which has made new ways of collaboration possible. There are now no limits to Renovation-Bern AG’s future growth—at least not from a technical point of view.


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