Strickhof is a centre of excellence for agriculture, food and home economics where education, research and consultancy converge. The teaching staff combine theory and practice and link the material to the learners’ lives. Up until recently, digital sequences were only used now and again during classes with Strickhof using Adobe Acrobat to prepare exams. However, the permanent licences that could only be used on one computer limited the extent to which Strickhof could use their Adobe products and this meant that teaching staff could only edit their videos and images needed for classes on certain PCs.
The coronavirus pandemic saw teaching suddenly moving to a completely digital format As a result, a considerable part of Strickhof’s teaching shifted to home schooling and consultancy work was limited to webinars with teaching personal working from home.


Thanks to the Bechtle experts, Strickhof was well placed to deal with the sudden switch to home schooling as the company had recently updated its Adobe licence model to the Adobe Creative Cloud and created an Adobe Enterprise connection to the Active Directory with the support of Bechtle. Bechtle’s experienced Adobe specialists changed the one licence per device model to a subscription that means Adobe products can now be licenced per user and, on Bechtle’s advice, signed up for the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). With the VIP Enterprise solution, Strickhof can now supply their teaching staff with subscription licences and manage manage them itself with the IT department able to quickly assigning and deactivating them. If a member of staff needs to use an Adobe app from home, it can be allocated to them ensuring the bring-your-own-device policy is alive and well in the education and consultancy sector. The raft of possibilities and comprehensive features offered by VIP for licence management take a load off the shoulders of the IT department, but if there are any issues, the Bechtle experts are always on hand to offer Strickhof support. They understand which licencing models are the best and have direct contact with Adobe and this allowed Strickhof to make best use of Adobe’s volume discounts which saw them make considerable savings compared to their previous model.

We actually only really wanted to give our teaching staff the opportunity to use their own computers, and then came coronavirus and we discovered that we were well-equipped to handle home schooling as Bechtle has recommended that Adobe Enterprise link to the Active Directory with VIP Adobe Enterprise. This allows us to conveniently assign and deactivate licences for the various Adobe products meaning we don’t need as many licences and are much more flexible. Thanks to Bechtle, we were also able to make full use of Adobe’s volume discounts, which would never have been possible by ourselves.

Marc Wehrle, Head of ICT, Strickhof

Business Benefits.

Strickhof is now able to quickly and easily assign various Adobe licences to teaching staff and it doesn’t matter where they or the students are or which devices they are using. Set up by Bechtle, Adobe Creative Cloud, its connection to the existing Active Directory and the flexible, cost-saving Adobe Value Incentive all combine to considerably simplify licence allocation. This means that IT no longer has to worry about procurement or recovery.