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Starting point.

The visitor is impressed. He’d had another vision of a sheltered workshop, but what he sees at the VEBO Genossenschaft’s Oensingen site has nothing to do with monotonous, low-skilled labour. Quite the opposite: Complex products and services that meet the highest quality standards are produced here with modern production methods and at competitive conditions. he company - certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, OHSAS, EduQua and FSC standards - knows how to consolidate social commitments and economics under the motto appreciation through added value. Despite employing people with disabilities, VEBO does not shy away from comparisons with conventional service providers. The company finances the production area itself and does not receive any state support with only the additional costs associated with caring for and supporting people with disabilities being reimbursed. Flexibility, quality, proximity to customers and transparency at affordable prices apply to the whole supply chain, from raw material to haulage. It goes without saying that VEBO relies on professional and powerful IT to implement this philosophy.

Project objectives.

A heterogeneous environment, less control. VEBO in Oensingen worked in an heterogeneously grown IT environment before the switch to the cloud. Each cost centre could determine its own IT which resulted in different IT solutions within the company. “This went so far that they were even purchasing their solutions from different suppliers”, says Beat Gerber, Head of Consumer and Social Services, VEBO Genossenschaft. “The result was that the company was not connected internally and there was hardly any control over costs, licences and infrastructure. There was also a lack of a common security concept.”

Before the switch, each department had been responsible for maintaining their own IT, but now each desktop is centrally managed. Security, which was often grossly neglected, is now ensured for the entire site thanks to 360° services.


Beat Gerber, Head of Commercial and Social Services, VEBO Genossenschaft


New IT department v. the cloud. Bechtle won the public tender with its 360° desktop Desktop-as-a-Service solution. “My predecessor and a consultant had a look at an on-site infrastructure, but decided to go with the cloud”, says Beat Gerber. “The main reason for this is that we didn’t have our own IT department and, with a server infrastructure, we would have needed to employee three or more staff. Bechtle’s cloud solution means we can outsource our entire IT without any second thoughts.” One of the biggest reasons behind the decision to go with Bechtle’s was their persuasive presentation and good value for money.


Today, some 160 users at the Oensingen site are using 360° desktop and are procuring all their IT from Bechtle, right down to the end devices as a service. Applications with special requirements, such as CNC machine software and the CAD working platform, continue to run on an on-premise PC, but data are backed up online to the Bechtle data centre in Switzerland. To meet the requirements of the different departments, Bechtle Steffen took a step-by-step approach to the migration. The first step was to introduce 360° mail and then the cloud desktop.


The 360° mail hosted exchange service had been the factor that had gained employees’ confidence in the cloud. Mail traffic and calendar syncing are running via the same Exchange server which has hugely improved internal collaboration such as for appointment planning.

Business benefits.

Standards introduced. Switching from a non-strategic environment to 360° desktop has seen IT standards introduced at VEBO. The desktop is only configured with programs that have been approved by the IT board meaning that users are no longer able to install whatever software they like. They all work with the same tools according to standard processes.“Whereas in the past, people were able to manage their IT as they wanted, the new environment required a culture change”, says Beat Gerber. “Before the switch, each department had been responsible for maintaining their own IT, but now each desktop is centrally managed. Security, which was often grossly neglected, is now ensured for the entire site thanks to 360° services.” lowly but surely, VEBO has also unified their hardware with old PCs being replaced with Thin Clients. “Efficient use of hardware reduces costs”, says Beat Gerber. 


360° cloud in action. VEBO are also using other products from the 360° range. Teams are using 360° sharefile for data synchronisation and sharing, 360° devicemanager allows Bechtle to centrally manage and update all end devices, and 360° cloud backup protects against data loss. Beat Gerber: “The range of 360° products from Bechtle meet our requirements perfectly. We can implement modular services step-by-step and scale them according to our needs.”