Witronic AG – One-stop Services: Desktop-as-a-Service for Witronic.

Located in Rothrist, Witronic AG has been active in the field of industrial metrology in Switzerland for over 50 years. They are experts in seamlessly collecting production data, integrating ERP systems into production systems and are able to generate usable realtime data at any time. Specialising in evaluation, system integration and lifecycle management for measuring and test systems in high-end industries. The company delivers the benefits of digitalisation and support of weighing technology to its customers in the food, chemical and packaging industries, who are then better able to meet their quality targets while also introducing the systems of well-known vendors from around the world in their facilities.  

Project details.

  • Cloud
  • Manufacturing
  • <250 employees

Starting point.

All this work results in a lot of data and if it is to be smoothly processed within Witronic, the hardware used has to be reliable. To introduce a new ERP system into the company, up-to-date standardised hardware that poses few risks was required. Witronic was looking to procure everything from a single source and a partner that would update the IT infrastructure in Rothrist and provide operational support.


Project objectives.

The previous server installed on-site needed to be replaced and made redundant, server performance aligned to the new ERP system, SAP B1, and remote access guaranteed. A clearly-defined access and security concept was needed to secure the system with a backup strategy to ensure data availability. In addition, the existing workstation client infrastructure needed to be renewed in Rothrist. Only the service technicians’ notebooks were to be retained as they contained serial interfaces that were still required. Bechtle’s recommendation to implement workstations via a standard desktop based on Citrix technologies that included applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook came out on top at Witronic. This solution needed not only to be extremely user-friendly, but also ensure top system availability and easy-to-budget costs, and all of this had to be delivered by an on-site partner that could also take care of the infrastructure at Rothrist.

Our new ERP system didn’t work well with our IT infrastructure. We needed something new that was secure, high-performing and flexible. Bechtle customised a solution that gave us exactly that. The Shared Desktop Services, servers located in a Swiss data centre, and the employees’ thin clients maintained by Bechtle fulfilled our desire to have everything from a single source. This saves us costs, work and a lot of stress, plus our ERP system now works like a dream. 

Markus Kistler, CEO, Witronic AG


Witronic’s partner of choice was Bechtle, which not only offered 360° desktop (Desktop-as-a-Service), but could also securely store data on servers in their own cloud meaning that Witronic could completely do away with their own in-house servers. Bechtle created project and milestone plans for a reliable migration that could be precisely implemented without affecting every day work at the company.


Based on this concept, Bechtle centrally provisioned the applications Wintronic needed for all users in its own, Swiss data centre via Shared Desktop Services. Workstations were equipped with thin clients that consume less electricity than PCs and are also cheaper to purchase and maintain, thus aligning perfectly with the company’s Green IT policy. Employees can access the Shared Desktop Services and, therefore, their applications, from their thin clients via an MPLS connection. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) works in much the same way as an internet connection in that data packages in a connectionless network are transmitted in a connection-oriented way along a defined path. This is secure and the applications and their data are available at all times. Bechtle takes care of device and data security and the data migration from Witronic to Bechtle’s data centre was also carried out securely.


For this to happen, the IT partner first saved the existing servers’ encrypted data using online backup on the servers at the Swiss data centre. On the day of the migration, Bechtle then only had to synchronise the data that had not previously been transmitted, reducing outages and enabling the employees to work as normal.


Business benefits.

Witronic standardised its entire IT environment with Bechtle’s 360° desktop. The servers run entirely from the Bechtle data centre and are redundant. The IT partner has also taken complete responsibility for operations and maintenance, saving considerable costs. As the thin clients are also fully maintained by Bechtle, everything really is from a single source, always up-to-date and always aligned to Witronic’s needs, even if they do change.

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