ARTICONA – Innovative range, solution-focussed service.

Innovative at ARTICONA means: We keep our eye on IT trends are expand our range in line with the customer’s needs. We’ve built our name on the quality and affordability of our products—because our goal is satisfied customers.

Solutions tailored to the customer.

Our extensive experience and strong partnerships with reliable suppliers help us to quickly create a solution for every customer request—even those special requirements. We work closely across borders with our teams, sharing our knowledge. These strong skills and constant communication help us to prioritise our customer’s needs and offer innovative solutions. 

A wide partner network and constant exchange.

Marina Lee, Office Manager, ARTICONA Taiwan, tells us how ARTICONA finds the right manufacturers and keeps its eye on innovations.




The IT landscape is constantly changing. How does the ARTICONA identify an IT trend?

“We stay up to date with new products and market trends. Our wide network and strong manufacturer relationships in Asia help us to keep sharing knowledge and implementing new standards and product specifications.”






The ARTICONA team is spread out over several countries. Does that pose a challenge sometimes?

What’s important here is good and consistent communication. That means not just emailing one another, but getting together for regular meetings and phone conferences. Communication is the foundation of really successful teamwork. Misunderstandings and the mistakes they lead to can be easily avoided. My motto: If in doubt, always double-check. Regular communication is essential to maintain good collaboration and relationships. That’s what makes a team strong!




High quality makes for good products. How does ARTICONA find the right manufacturers?

We conduct extensive research, getting to know new manufacturer’s at fairs, on the internet and through our contacts. We then carry out thorough checks on the company, starting with their customer base and history, and going through to licences and product and standard certification. The price has to be right too, of course—as well as the service and communication.




"Together with our partners, we work constantly on new product innovations."

ARTICONA stands for …



Certified products.

Comprehensive testing.






Affordable prices.

Great value for money.






Expert service.

High warehouse availability.






Stetige Angebotsentwicklung.

Hohe Trendaffinität.