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Employee stories.

Meet some of your future colleagues! Their stories offer a glimpse into how they work, how their career at Bechtle evolved, and what they love about Bechtle. Meet Moritz, Katharina, Anne and Timo.

Anne Schroeder, Key Account Manager.

Anne is one of our key account managers for SME and large enterprise customers. She’s been working at Bechtle Bonn since 2015. One thing she loves about our office there is the friendly atmosphere. Everybody can’t know all the names of every one of our 400 employees in Bonn, but they share a bond that’s literally tangible. Plus, there are the various projects she gets to drive with her own strengths and personality. The relationship her customers have with her, they don’t have with anyone else.

Timo Siegle, IT Business Architect.

Timo joined us in 2010. As an IT business architect, it’s his job to align our own IT strategy to the bigger picture of Bechtle's business goals. When a sales manager wants to talk IT or an IT manager wants to talk business, they first have to talk to Timo. When he made his first appearance at Bechtle, he knew where he wanted to be. And he could always rely on his superiors to help him get there. In fact, he was able to learn a lot through our own Bechtle Academy.

Jana Seewald, Account Manager.

Jana has been with our Munster sales team for over a year now, and she has no plans to change that. Her colleagues and her boss, everyone gives her the freedom she needs to achieve her goals. In the short time she’s been with us, she’s already attended countless seminars to build on her knowledge.

Plus, she enjoys the rides to work on her business bike. The affordable lease also affords her frequent trips at the weekend.

Moritz Dierberger, Account Manager.

Moritz’ Bechtle story begins in the spring of 2017. As a student, he does an internship at Bechtle Rottenburg and a little later comes back to work on his bachelor thesis. And a little later again segues right into building an all-new department. Today, Moritz is an account manager for cloud and managed services. In other words, he doesn’t manage individual accounts. He’s there whenever a customer is looking to drive their future with artificial intelligence, extended reality, the internet of things, and whatever the latest buzz is in IT.



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