4 Gründe, weshalb unsere Kunden in die Cloud wechseln.

Countless cloud benefits. Our customers name just 4.


By Rafael Lambauer | 24.04.2017


Why do companies make the switch to cloud? We asked our customers and received dozens of answers, four of which were mentioned time and time again: flexibility, partner’s IT expertise, cost transparency and security. A combination of these means our customers can focus on their core business to become more successful on the market.

For many Swiss businesses, the IT environment that has grown organically over the years is no longer up to standard. Outdated hardware, multiple system failures, unforeseeable costs, security vulnerabilities and support bottlenecks all mean the IT is no longer economical or reliable. On top of all of this, system maintenance requires a lot of internal effort and uses up resources that are needed for other tasks.


It’s high time to create a new foundation for IT, which for most companies means turning to a cloud solution. But why?


To try to find the answer, we carried out an unrepresentative yet informative survey among our customers. Four reasons were consistently mentioned: flexibility, partner’s IT expertise, cost transparency and security.

Number 1: Flexibility.

By outsourcing IT to the 360°cloud, our customers benefit from a highly-flexible IT infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if the company strategy changes, new software is installed, more performance is required or company growth demands more employees, we can quickly adapt data centre infrastructure to your needs.


That’s why our cloud customers’ IT is no longer the factor that puts the brakes on crucial decisions, but can keep up with all demands, even if they are only for the short-term. This is a factor that is most critical for our customers in today’s fast-paced world of business.

Number 2: Cloud partner’s IT expertise.

Our customers have outsourced their IT because they want to save the time and expense connected with its operation and maintenance and because they don’t want to invest any more internal resources. That’s why they particularly appreciate having an IT partner with comprehensive IT skills they can rely on. They require us to seamlessly implement projects, achieve maximum performance levels and offer sustainable consulting and leading products.


With these high but absolutely justified requirements along with the knowledge that we can fulfil them exactly leads to many customers doing away with internal IT expertise entirely. This means that IT is no longer dependent on the expertise of a few employees, projects are no longer delayed by absences and the increasingly time-consuming search for skilled employees becomes a thing of the past.

Number 3: Cost transparency.

A flexible and customised cloud solution cannot be procured at a bargain price, but our customers have put the cost factor at number three in our list. Why? Cost transparency. The cloud provides 100% cost transparency. Every service can be planned and invested down to the very last Frank exactly, making nasty surprises a thing of the past.


Our customers only pay for what their business really uses, so, from a financial point of view, cloud computing is the ideal long-term solution for SMEs. A cloud solution is sustainable, offers transparent costs with highest-possible flexibility.


Number 4: Security and Swiss data centres.

Various companies make the decision to integrate the database solution into the cloud for reasons of security. It’s not a nice feeling when you don’t know where sensitive data is physically stored. That’s why many companies entrust their data to providers who store it in Swiss data centres.


Our data centres fulfil the highest international security standards (Tier 4) and mobile access is secured with two-factor authentication via SMS. In addition, we offer flexible cloud solutions such as backup solutions, firewall services and many more. Your most important data are therefore optimally protected against hackers and other disasters.

Fact is, a cloud solution provides companies with a wealth of benefits in terms of time, costs and efficiency—if the right cloud version is chosen. High security, availability and scalability are the most important reasons why companies decide to step into the cloud.

The author and cloud specialist.

Rafael Lambauer began his cloud specialist career as a mediamatician ten years ago. Today, he is a customer advisor in cloud computing and his core skills are those of managed services and cloud computing. His motto that “with coffee and a thorough needs analysis there’s always a solution to be found” has never led him astray. Whether he’s travelling, having a beer with friends, or hiking in the Alps, Rafael Lambauer loves discovering new things and spending time in the great outdoors.


Rafael Lambauer

Cloud Sales