Unberechtigte Vorurteile – das Arbeiten in der Cloud

Facts not fiction – We clear up the most common preconceptions.


By Rafael Lambauer | 21.11.2017


In part two of our blog series, we discuss the preconceptions all around working in and with the cloud.

What do enterprises and their decision makers think about when considering how cloud services change every day working lives? What concerns do they have?

Here you’ll find out why there are doubts that are also justified and why it’s worth carefully selecting a cloud provider.

1. “The cloud means losing independence.”

This is the most common argument against the cloud. At first glance, this seems quite logical, but it is only parts that are outsourced. This means, for example, that you only have a thin client and have to trust that the provider understands what is expected.


But, by giving up all the boring jobs, you also give up the opportunity to be able to change the structure of your own IT, right? Quite the opposite. Its more often the case that the cloud eliminates dependence on an IT service provider particularly when it comes to client hardware network and software solutions.


Licences for new employees can be assigned with just a few clicks and thin clients are not tied to users meaning they can be universally used. If your needs for storage space change, the provider can increase or reduce it within the shortest possible time, eliminating the need to purchase new expensive hardware. The customer also becomes more independent when choosing a software solutions provider. A cloud provider like Bechtle is vendor-neutral when it comes to software solutions and works with the partners the customer prefers. Even local and individual needs can be taken into account, for example, when choosing a network provider.


In short, the cloud gives you more independence not least because there will be less capital tied up in hardware and infrastructure.

2. “The conditions can change to my disadvantage.”

Once a provider has been chosen and the migration completed, can the contracting partner suddenly change the conditions for spurious reasons? Costs go up and then you’re left out in the cloud? Think again. Contract duration and price must be clearly defined before the contract is concluded and reliable partners give their customers an option to terminate it.


Bechtle continuously measures its performance, prices and market profitability. Only in this way can we maintain our competitive edge and develop attractive offers for our customers. 
Our experience shows that our customers could see a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) per user over a period of time. The longer they work with us, the lower the costs and, of course, we pass these savings onto our customers.

3. “If the provider goes bankrupt, it’s curtains for me.”

Okay, we admit, this is not a completely unjustified concern, but a real and often under-estimated argument for or against a provider that we urge decision makers to take into account again and again. If the provider should go bankrupt, as a customer you also have a big issue to contend with.


If the electricity bill for the data centre can’t be paid, everything will shut down. This doesn’t just cost the users a lot of money, but in the worst case, it could cost them their data. This is why you should always choose a partner that is in a good financial position  – something that is very true of Bechtle. 


Thanks to our healthy capital structure, excellent business processes and a very wide-ranging group of shareholders, our customers have nothing to fear. You can focus on your core business  – exactly the aim of cloud services.


Questions about the cloud? Think your current provider isn’t up to the job?


The author and cloud specialist.

Rafael Lambauer began his cloud specialist career as a mediamatician ten years ago. Today, he is a customer advisor in cloud computing and his core skills are those of managed services and cloud computing. His motto that “with coffee and a thorough needs analysis there’s always a solution to be found” has never led him astray. Whether he’s travelling, having a beer with friends, or hiking in the Alps, Rafael Lambauer loves discovering new things and spending time in the great outdoors.


Rafael Lambauer

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