Unberechtigte Vorurteile – Einstieg in die Cloud.

Facts not fiction – We clear up the most common preconceptions.

By Stefan Schmid | 27.10.2017


When it comes to cloud computing, there are still a lot of fears and reservations. We’ll show how most of these are unjustified in our three-part blog series.

With over 20 years of experience in cloud computing and direct contact with our customers, we are often confronted with their concerns. Some are one-offs while others crop up again and again. To clear up these unjustified preconceptions, we’ve collated the most common three to show you how things really stand.

1. “The cloud seems to be more expensive than doing it myself.”

Cloud solutions are often customised and therefore as individual as the needs of the customer making a general cost comparison impossible. However, experience speaks for itself. When comparing costs, our solutions are generally 10% more affordable than in-house solutions.


Was dabei jedoch nicht mit einberechnet ist, sind die höchsten Sicherheitsstandards: mehrfach redundante Stromversorgung und Kühlungssysteme, Gas-Feuerlöschsysteme, biometrische Zugangssysteme und viele weitere technische Standards. Welches Unternehmen kann schon behaupten, seine Daten derart schützen zu können?


Something that cannot be calculated are the highest security standards: multi-redundant power supply and cooling systems, gas fire extinguishing systems, biometric access systems and many other technical standards. How many companies can say they can protect their data that well?


In terms of costs, this would be completely out of reach for most. If you purchase these standards from a provider, who already has such an infrastructure because of its size and experience, you not only get a tailored yet affordable solution, you are also much more secure. A win-win situation!


It’s only too often that some cost centres are forgotten during calculation. If you are looking to carry out an effective cost analysis, the following need to be taken into account:

  • Hardware investments
  • Software investments
  • Operating costs
  • Hardware rental
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Renewals
  • Support
  • Updates
  • Patches
  • Support staff
  • Operating processes


When making a full comparison, it quickly becomes clear that cloud solutions such as  360° desktop not only impress with high availability and ease of use, but also in terms of their low costs.

2. “I’ll lose control of my own data.”

It doesn’t matter if a company handles strictly confidential or less sensitive data, nobody wants them to end up in the wrong hands. Data management is, above anything else, a question of trust. Even if their data is secured by us according to internationally high standards, it’s not uncommon for our customers to also want them made available at an additional site.


That’s why we offer the choice to set up a backup repository a location defined by the customer. A global-leading backup technology solution is in use which guarantees the continued use of the backup data. This means you don’t lose, but rather gain control.

3. “I won’t have any more on-site support.”

The very thought of not having in-house support us enough to cause a real headache because if something does go wrong or professional advice is needed, it normally has to be quickly. Is this only possible when Support is sitting a few doors down? Not at all.


Our Service Desk, located in Mägenwil, is available whenever our customers need it and resolves any issues within the shortest possible time with the necessary skills and technical expertise. Our support offering is aligned exactly to your needs. A tailored support model can be put together thanks to its modular structure, so the customer can decide between 5 x 10 support, 24 x 7 outsourcing and everything in between.


This level of coverage and professionalism would hardly be possible without very high financial and personal expenditure. A cloud provider, on the other hand, can provide the support you need regardless of holiday leave.


More information on our support models can be found here.


Of course, the questions concerning cloud solutions are as multifarious as the companies who benefit from them. Still have questions or concerns?

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The author and cloud expert.

Stefan Schmid has been part of the Bechtle family for 19 years and is responsible for the planning and integration of individual client server solutions. As a customer adviser, he sees it as his personal mission to not just satisfy his customers, but to make them happy. In his free time, he cultivates berries and vines – 15 varieties to be exact.


Stefan Schmid

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