Unberechtigte Vorurteile – nach der Cloud.

Facts not fiction – We clear up the most common preconceptions


By Roland Jung | 02.01.2018


In the third part of our blog series, we want to highlight what happens when quitting the cloud in terms of switching providers or returning to an own IT infrastructure.

We cover the most important but most under-estimated points which have to be taken into consideration before signing a contract: What happens after the cloud? What points must I consider?

When choosing a cloud provider, it’s crucial to ensure that certain conditions are contractually agreed, including how to end that contract. Only a reliable partner such as Bechtle guarantees full cooperation with money and data critical factors. Time to clear the skies.

1. “Is the transfer and return of data clearly defined?”

Preparing data for handover or return means a large workload for the provider making time, money and manpower all indispensable. What does that mean exactly? Who does what? How is it done? How long will it take? All of these points need to be discussed even when high levels of trust exist between the partners and care taken if they are not contractually defined. As in every industry, there are of course some unscrupulous sorts.


So, for example, if migration support is not provided, this can eat up both financial and HR resources. The lock-in effect (artificially high costs/hurdles for switching) causes a lot of stress which could have been saved if the necessary steps had been taken. It’s therefore worth relying on a partner that guarantees its full cooperation in this crucial phase and whose contractual conditions also cover termination.

2. “What else has to be taken into account?”

It is important to conduct a needs analysis, particularly when it comes to hardware but if there are to be contracts for hardware for a certain period of time, this should not be an obstacle. We can implement the hardware in our environment and gradually take over or replace it when the contract is terminated.

This is often the case when it comes to managed printing: Entire printer environments present no challenge for experienced providers like Bechtle.

3. “What are the costs of migration?”

There is no universal answer to this question. Costs are as different as the initial situation and the respective migration and these can only be ascertained in a suitable needs analysis.

In short, a reliable provider not only shows the effective running costs upon concluding a contract, but also makes them known upon termination, because at the end of the day, transparency is the foundation for cooperation between partners.


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The author and cloud expert.

Roland Jung is head of cloud sales with 25 years of experience in the IT industry, specialising in cloud computing, data centres and IT outsourcing cloud solutions. He is a passionate sailor and “BBQ master extraordinaire” and is always up for a good time – whether at home or work.


Roland Jung

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