Cloud Discovery workshop – Strategies and solutions for your cloud project.

Do you speak cloud? Are you aware of the opportunities the cloud offers DevOps teams? Do you know which cloud is right for your company?

When asked about cloud computing, many of our customers say they have an eye on the current developments, but are still lacking a clear strategy. Most companies are also struggling to recruit the talent and acquire the skills they need before they can take the plunge. IT expertise is not available off the shelf. Another challenge is that existing IT staff is tied up with day-to-day operations. There simply isn’t time or personnel available to pursue innovations or map out a sound cloud strategy.

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Discover the opportunities that come with the cloud.

Our Cloud Discovery workshop helps companies formulate their individual cloud strategy and identify the value cloud computing can unlock for them. We’ll explore real-life use cases to demonstrate how you can master the challenges ahead and make your cloud project a lasting success.

You’ll come away with a standardised report including a detailed cloud migration roadmap covering the key steps and milestones to a successful implementation.

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