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Today, there’s a plethora of ways to access the cloud. But which cloud solution is right for your company and your business? Are you looking for a hybrid approach to offload workloads and source individual services from the cloud? Do you want your IT to be more flexible? Or would you prefer moving your entire nuts-and-bolts infrastructure to the cloud?

Developing a cloud environment requires a precise strategy, as any ill-considered moves can cost your company a pretty penny. With software licensing in particular there’s a huge price spread between server, VM and user-based models. When you decide to virtualise an application, you may quickly find yourself in violation of its licensing terms because now all of your users can access it. That can mean steep fees to redress the situation. And when it comes to VDI applications, you have to consider that these are typically hosted on-premise and a migration to the cloud is not permitted under the licensing agreement.

As you can see, there are many decisions to make as you break into uncharted territory, all of which have a lasting effect on your business and bottom line.

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This is why we’ve developed our Step into the Cloud model. It helps you transition more quickly into the cloud, without the need to take one giant leap.

We accompany you as you take one step at a time, letting you make the right decisions at your own pace. That way you’ll be able to lay a sturdy foundation and further develop your cloud strategy in future, giving the right amount of time and consideration to such crucial issues as security, compliance, governance, licensing, virtualisation, DevOps, disaster recovery, vendor lock-in, auto scaling and load balancing.


Step into the Cloud is a standardised process to help customers understand and design their Azure infrastructure, providing them with the assistance they need along the way.

Image: Cloud Computing Trends: 2019 State of the Cloud Survey. Conducted by Flexera, this survey reveals the challenges companies face as they develop their cloud strategy.

We’re here to help you on the following topics:
  • Governance
  • Security
  • Hybrid identities
  • Connectivity
  • Monitoring
  • Automation
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Our experienced Microsoft consultants are happy to answer all your questions and support you on your journey into the cloud. Just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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