Public cloud – Maximise your budget. Digitise your edge.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google—we work with the leading platform providers to deliver tailored-to-fit public-cloud solutions for our customers. With access to a full range of IT resources, it’s the ideal choice for companies looking to scrap their own in-house data centre.

From storage and computing to infrastructure, applications and networks—the cloud enables companies to source central, scalable IT assets on demand through the internet. Specialised providers take care of the setup, configuration and operation of all related infrastructure. And because they do this for a great number of customers, the price tag is very easy on the company wallet. Plus, it does away with need to buy expensive infrastructure yourself.

Top-of-the-line partners.

Bechtle collaborates with the world’s leading providers of public-cloud solutions—Microsoft, Amazon and Google. And for very good reasons, too. One of the key benefits of Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform, Azure, for our customers is that Microsoft data centres are located right here in Switzerland. This enables even businesses that have to adhere to stringent compliance policies to tap into the cloud. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a gateway to a huge portfolio of more than 175 different services, while Google Workspaces forms the basis of our fully-fledged public-cloud solution that offers the perfect mix of affordability and flexibility for companies that are just setting out on their digital transformation. Naturally, all three platforms come with maximum security built right in.


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Microsoft Services
The right tools for any task. Bechtle offers a broad range of Microsoft cloud solutions including essential applications such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Windows 10, as well as Microsoft Azure, plus flexible communication solutions such as Skype and Yammer.
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