Protect yourself from malware with 360° antivirus.

More than 350,000 new malware cases are identified every day. In 2018, the total count was up to 856 million. The question isn’t whether your company has been attacked by viruses, trojans, worms or spyware, but rather how many have successfully penetrated your IT systems.

Protect yourself with Bechtle 360° antivirus.

Our comprehensive virus protection is always up to date, so it knows about viruses, trojans and worms as soon as they appear. That’s the only way to provide maximum protection against malware.

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Flyer 360° antivirus


Your benefits with Bechtle 360° antivirus:

  • Easy installation
  • Always-up-to-date virus protection
  • Maximum protection against all kinds of threats
  • Detected malware is blocked and securely isolated
  • Our Service Desk springs into action as soon as an alert is received
  • Your IT stays in tip-top shape
  • Less administration, more time for other projects
  • Professional support provided by the Bechtle Service Desk
  • Our Service Desk is notified immediately if a virus definition is outdated

Suspicious activity triggers immediate alerts.

With Bechtle 360° antivirus, your company’s clients are managed on a central server and securely monitored by us. Our Service Desk is alerted as soon as the virus filter detects an infected file so it can take immediate protective action.

Security made simple.

Installing our antivirus client on your staff PCs is quick and easy. We’ll provide a file your IT department can use to install the client on PCs and notebooks within minutes. We’ll also perform the installation ourselves upon request.



  • Client monitoring in accordance with Bechtle's compatibility list
  • Proactive monitoring in our data centre

In secure hands with Bechtle.

We’ve been providing mid-size businesses and large companies tailored security solutions for over 20 years. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast over 6,900 certifications, including Microsoft Gold and Silver status, Cisco Premier Partner status and much more.




AM Suisse

Bechtle's efficient and reliable 360° cloud allows AM Suisse to once again focus on its core business.


The medical engineers wanted highest levels of security, availability and stability and chose 360° cloud.

Learn more about our Managed Services.


In Switzerland, over 100 million spam messages clog up essential IT resources every day, slowing down business. But we have the solution.


We stop malware in its tracks, quickly and easily. Ask us how.

Backup Control.

Save time and money by letting Bechtle manage your backups. We’re happy to help.

Cloud Backup.

If you want to safeguard your valuable business data by keeping multiple backup copies, our Managed Cloud Backup solution will help you do it. Learn more.


Your website and e-mail addresses are key points of contact with customers. Our 360° DNS services ensure they’re always reliable. Learn more.


Predictive maintenance through monitoring allows you to take care of issues before they affect your systems. Contact us—we’re happy to help.


Only a perfectly functioning company network can keep your business running smoothly. We’ll make sure you never have to worry about it.


Most companies simply don’t have the necessary expertise to keep their IT safe. Our experts are happy to help. Get in touch today.