Managed Cloud Backup for twice the security.

Are you looking for a simple, efficient solution to back up your business-critical data? Does your company not have its own data centre? Do you need a secure way to protect valuable company information?

Look no further than Bechtle 360° cloud backup.

Your backed up data is stored securely and redundantly in Bechtle's Swiss business cloud. You’ll also enjoy comprehensive services and assistance from our security experts, who are ready to help you with everything from developing a plan to recovering data should disaster strike.

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Flyer 360° cloud backup


Your benefits:

  • Data and VM replicates are stored securely
  • Stringent security standards in a high-availability Swiss data centre
  • Off-site data is encrypted
  • Fast, secure recovery through cloud backups
  • Maintenance and monitoring by Bechtle 
  • Fast data recovery in emergency situations
  • Additional geo-redundant data backups
  • You don’t need any of your own infrastructure
  • Solution is scalable and flexible
  • Fully integrated solution with Veeam Backup & Replication
  • No administrative work
  • Secure control through our Service Desk
  • 24/7 availability
  • Data is even more secure as your backups are separated physically from your business
  • Greater cost transparency as services are invoiced by storage space used

Best of all, if your IT systems go down, we can bring you your data on storage media. Disaster recovery can also be performed on systems at the Bechtle data centre.

The 3-2-1-rule for backups.

Critical data should always be available in three copies. Business-critical data especially should be backed up on several different storage media to pre-empt potential hardware issues. In the worst-case scenario, losing key company data can mean the end of your business.


It is also highly recommended to keep one set of backups off company premises—in the cloud, for instance. This ensures your data will be safe even if there’s a flood or fire.

Twice as secure thanks to geo-redundancy.

Storing your backup copies geo-redundantly provides an extra layer of security. What is geo-redundancy? It means your data is stored in two physically separate data centres. While we take every precaution to ensure that our data centres are always online, a temporary outage may still occur. In this case, geo-redundancy makes sure your data will still be available.

An extra layer of protection against ransomware.

If your company’s network is ever infected with ransomware, the damage can be immense. The ransomware Ryuk, for example, will delete any backups it can find, preventing your IT department from restoring your system using previously backed up data. This trend shows no signs of abating as current ransomware almost always compromises backups.

Secure cloud backups by Bechtle.

We’ve been providing mid-size businesses and large companies tailored security solutions for over 20 years. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast over 6,900 certifications, including Microsoft Gold and Silver status, Cisco Premier Partner status and much more.



Kontron Electronics

Bechtle assembled a package containing cloud solutions and services for Kontron Electronics and provided them with a virtualised infrastructure.


Swissterminal puts their trust in Bechtle’s 360° infrastructure for data security thanks to a backup solution, data replication and maximum cost transparency.

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Backup Control.

Save time and money by letting Bechtle manage your backups. We’re happy to help.


Your website and e-mail addresses are key points of contact with customers. Our 360° DNS services ensure they’re always reliable. Learn more.


Reduce the amount of IT infrastructure you have to maintain by handing off your website hosting to an experienced IT partner. We’re happy to help.


You want your sensitive and confidential business data to stay safe at all times—especially when sent by e-mail. Our innovative e-mail services offer maximum protection.


Device management eats away at IT staff’s valuable time. We’ll take care of managing your devices securely, so you can focus on your business.


Predictive maintenance through monitoring allows you to take care of issues before they affect your systems. Contact us—we’re happy to help.


A modern workplace needs advanced, cloud-based communication. 360° VirtualPBX will help you boost collaboration in your company.


Only a perfectly functioning company network can keep your business running smoothly. We’ll make sure you never have to worry about it.


Most companies simply don’t have the necessary expertise to keep their IT safe. Our experts are happy to help. Get in touch today.

Bechtle Cloud.

IT maintenance and support can cost a lot of time. Cloud services help you focus on your business once again.