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360° firewall.

1.6 billion malware attacks. 35.9 million ransomware attacks. 656.3 billion intrusion attempts. 16.5 million web app attacks. These are the 2018 statistics reported for Europe in the SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. Intrusion attempts alone increased by 38% from the previous year!

Worse yet, the 2019 Swisscom Cyber Security Report reveals a steady increase in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Unlike conventional attacks, where hackers choose the path of least resistance and steal whatever they can get, APTs proceed much more slowly as they penetrate company networks. Once they’ve identified a target, hackers strike quickly, causing colossal damage.

Unfortunately, many companies are unable to adequately guarantee their own IT security. They simply lack the right experts and resources to protect their company network efficiently.


That’s why we offer Bechtle 360° firewall.

This managed service ensures that your firewall is always up to date. In addition, we monitor your network round the clock, so that if an attack occurs, our experts can immediately take appropriate action.

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Take advantage of Bechtle 360° firewall:

  • Highly qualified IT security experts work to keep your company network safe
  • Save on human and financial resources
  • Firewall security updates are always up to date, ensuring maximum protection
  • Less administration, more time for other projects
  • Easy to scale
  • Choose to enjoy this Managed Service on your infrastructure or ours


  • Use of certified project management standards such as IPMA, and service management standards such as ITIL.
  • Choose to enjoy this Managed Service on your infrastructure or ours
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all firewall services
  • 24/7 support by the Bechtle Service Desk 
  • Clients and technicians are immediately notified in accordance with the emergency plan
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • All components are regularly maintained by Bechtle 

Our basic package includes a stateful firewall, remote access, SD-WAN, traffic shaping and application control. The following modules can be added: high availability, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering and malware protection.

Play it safe with Bechtle.

We’ve been providing mid-size businesses and large companies tailored security solutions for over 20 years. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast over 6,900 certifications, including Microsoft Gold and Silver status, Cisco Premier Partner status and much more.

Learn more about our Managed Services:


In Switzerland, over 100 million spam messages clog up essential IT resources every day, slowing down business. But we have the solution.


We stop malware in its tracks, quickly and easily. Ask us how.

Backup Control.

Save time and money by letting Bechtle manage your backups. We’re happy to help.

Cloud Backup.

If you want to safeguard your valuable business data by keeping multiple backup copies, our Managed Cloud Backup solution will help you do it. Learn more.


Your website and e-mail addresses are key points of contact with customers. Our 360° DNS services ensure they’re always reliable. Learn more.


Predictive maintenance through monitoring allows you to take care of issues before they affect your systems. Contact us—we’re happy to help.


Only a perfectly functioning company network can keep your business running smoothly. We’ll make sure you never have to worry about it.


Most companies simply don’t have the necessary expertise to keep their IT safe. Our experts are happy to help. Get in touch today.