Successful project management for
your IT.

The success of an IT project can easily be determined by project managements and methods That’s why Bechtle employs the tried and tested PMI/IPMA method to its IT projects.

Using this standardised method, project management and processes are clearly structured and optimised. Best of all, PMI/IPMA is characterised by its flexible uses in a wide range of projects. And enables us to ensure process integration and uniform, company-wide project terminology.

As a result of our method, we guarantee uniform processes during project implementation across all areas of the business. The process is divided into initialisation, design, implementation and adoption phases and project tasks are consolidated into work packages.


Most importantly, only experienced and highly-qualified project leads are employed for specific project management tasks meaning we can guarantee quality and success.

Te benefits of our PMI/IPMA project method.

  • More control and a better overview thanks to different phases
  • Established approaches ensure success
  • More project security thanks to certifications
  • Cross-industry methods
  • Each phase includes work packages that need to be completed
  • Each work package includes important project tasks
  • Complete and correct reporting is checked
  • Important services are maintained and documented
  • More success thanks to experienced and certified project managers
  • Establishment of a mutual understanding of the project
  • Quality assurance from the beginning to the end.

Individual phases of the Bechtle project method.

1. Initialisation

During this phase, a project handbook is created in which the project plan, responsible parties, work packages and risks are defined.


2. Design

In this second phase, detailed technical concepts are created depending on technologies. It also includes a systems overview graphic, network configurations, acceptance of the detailed concept as well as the approval to proceed to the next stage.


3. Implementation

Installation documentation (for each technology) is created. Test cases and technical system acceptance are carried out. The individual migration steps and how the data migration should be carried out are also planned at this stage. Approval to continue with the next project phase is also required at this point.


4. Adoption

After implementation, the customer accepts the project. An operating manual is created and handed over.

More success thanks to intelligent project methods.

The project manager is the primary contact during the project and has an overview of the entire process. The better this is, the earlier the project manager can try and find an alternative solution with the customer in the case of deviations. These measures – also known as change requests – are documented, forming provable changes that can be shown separately from the project order.


Successful IT projects with Bechtle. 

Bechtle has been developing tailored and successful IT solutions for SMEs for over 20 years—from design to implementation. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we boast over 6,900 certifications, including Microsoft Gold and Silver status, Cisco Premier Partner status and many more.



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