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Staying on top of the tangle that is corporate software and licensing takes a clear organisation and sound understanding of licence management and available models. When you choose Bechtle as your expert licensing advisor, you can be sure to save serious time and money, while making your business more efficient.

We help you find the best combination of licensing programmes to match your needs and streamline and cost-optimise your entire application landscape. Our experienced consultants offer the best advise backed by the highest certifications from all major software manufacturers.

The things you expect from IT may change – your high standards won’t.

No matter the size of your business, no matter how big you’re aiming to be, we’re the flexible and agile partner who’s always by your side. With the expertise and hands-on support you need to tackle any IT challenge head on.

To give you the best possible advice, we start by analysing your current licensing situation and clearing up any issues that may exist.

That way, you can be sure every piece of software running in your organisation is properly licensed, and there are no excess licences draining money for no reason.

Rely on our expertise for maximum benefits:

  • Acquire new and/or additional licences
  • Help you navigate agreement and licence renewals
  • Provide actionable recommendations to remedy over and underlicencing
  • Manage your licences on manufacturer portals
  • We can offer every software licence available through B2B retail
  • Activate and leverage Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits
  • Share our expertise in custom and manufacturer-specific licensing workshops in your company

Way into the cloud assessments.

Various purpose-designed assessments help you understand Microsoft product licences, simplify the way you licence your applications, and optimise your compliance policies and procedures.


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Licence optimisation.

Are you lost in the licensing jungle? We’ll cut through the complexity and help you see your way clearly.


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Licence Compliance Check (LCC).

Time for taking stock? Our Licence Compliance Check creates a snapshot of your software deployments and available licences.


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Our True-Up service is your safety belt making sure you’re always driving your business fully-licenced. Discover what our True-Up service has to offer.


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