License Compliance Check – LCC.

Are you ready for your next software audit? Create transparency into the software deployed across your organisation.

Our Licence Compliance Check (LCC) provides a snapshot of your current software deployments and licensing situation. We’ll use the asset information gathered through your existing software distribution tool or install a scanning tool to discover the software installed in your network. In addition to this, we will take a full, retroactive licence inventory and compare it with your current installations. The resulting compliance report will reveal any mismatched licences and installations, cover recommendations for remedying the situation and provide additional key information on your licence management.

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License Compliance Check benefits.

  • Helps you respond with confidence to surprise audits
  • Delivers compliance reports for enhanced operative and strategic decision-making
  • Enables the identification and resolution of risks due to incorrect licensing
  • Provides transparency for contract negotiations or maintenance


Keep track of your software assets.

Active licence management is how you keep track of and protect your organisation’s existing software assets throughout their lifecycles. Companies often face questions that have no quick or easy answer.

  • What software do you use in your organisation?
  • Does your software need licensing?
  • Are there any licence violations and how can these be avoided?
  • Are existing licenses being optimally used and is there any savings potential?
  • Is your company using a licensing model optimised to its IT strategy?

Our licence management experts can help you answer these questions. From manufacturer audits and purchasing new licences to the migration of existing licences and licence contracts.


What you get.

Once we have concluded the Licence Compliance Check, you will receive a detailed compliance report containing the following information:

  • Overview of checked data and completed activities
  • Identified excess licences
  • Identified missing licences
  • Identified risks and liabilities
  • Recommended action
  • An on-site presentation of the results

Licence Compliance Check process.



We define requirements, project timeline, project scope.


Deployment analysis.

We discover and verify installations (scanning tool), categorise data, create a usage inventory.


Licence analysis.

We obtain and import licence information, create a licence and contract inventory.


Compliance check.

We create a compliance report incl. information on mismatched licences and installations, final report.

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