Software licence optimisation.

As managing corporate software licences is becoming increasingly complex, many organisations struggle to stay on top of their licensing situation. By choosing Bechtle, SMEs and large organisations alike can leverage a comprehensive IT service offering that helps keep their business on track to the future.

The right calculation.

We’ll help you do the maths so you can look forward to your bottom line.

A second opinion.

Want to know if the quote you got for your new software is really the best way to go? Get a second opinion from Bechtle for the peace of mind that comes with the best choice.


CHF 220.– per hour

Licensing report.

Do you know just how many licences you have, what kind of licences they are, and when they expire? We’re happy to compile a detailed report for all the software licences you have purchased from Bechtle to help you understand exactly what you own. Plus, you may even choose to have us compile details on your licences that you didn’t buy from us, too.


CHF 400.– per rapport

Software budgeting.

Are you about to nail down your next budget? Or are you planning a big project? Our experts will gladly break down various software licensing options for you to help you make a well-founded decision.



Prices for Microsoft: 2 versions CHF 400.–

Every additional version + CHF 50.–

If you choose to acquire licences from Bechtle, we will waive the cost of our budgeting service.

Microsoft support service.

Your fast track to Microsoft Support.

Microsoft admin support.

Is admin through Microsoft portals draining your resources or are you annoyed by long waiting times for support? Bechtle will take on these administrative tasks that cost you a lot of time and effort.

  • We activate your MSDN users
  • We download your keys
  • We make Microsoft support calls for you
  • We sort out VLSC support (questions about VLSC and other Microsoft portals)



CHF 100.– per month

Adobe services.

Advice, procurement, and assistance for support cases for your Adobe products.

Adobe licence optimisation.

Which license best suits your company? Which product is the best choice to support your creative workers and their daily workflows?  Our licence optimisation service gives you a solid basis for future-oriented Adobe licensing. This service is only available in conjunction with a SAM365 option.


We provide expert advice and procure software licences for you.

  • We offer and evaluate Adobe, Kofax, Nitro and many other PDF alternatives and solutions for electronic signatures
  • We help you maximise the benefits from manufacturer contracts
  • We ensure professional and manufacturer-independent licence sourcing incl. savings through deal registrations with the best pricing conditions available
  • We provide support for contract and licence renewals, incl. licence management on manufacturer portals
  • We offer advice and assistance for imaging



CHF 220.– per hour

Oracle Services.

Sourcing and extension of Oracle products and Oracle cloud services.

Oracle licensing.

Our Oracle license specialists can help with everything connected to the licensing of Oracle products and Oracle cloud services, whether it is a first-time acquisition of licenses, an extension or conversion of an existing Oracle license portfolio or a termination of licenses.


As an Oracle partner, Bechtle offers the following benefits:

  • We analyse your contract and licence portfolio
  • We offer expert advice and create Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to help you get the most out of Oracle cloud services
  • We help you optimise licence and recurring support costs
  • Attractive conditions and offers

Tap into our Oracle expertise and we’ll create a non-binding offer with the optimum license model for you.



CHF 250.– per hour

Oracle Java Starter Pack:


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