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Do you want to be able to use existing corporate data and information more intelligently and strategically integrate external sources at the same time? Business intelligence and advanced analytics help you gain better insights so you can make better operational and strategic decisions for your business. How do you simplify data management for your business? We’ll help. Let Bechtle develop a tailored data & analytics solution based on the latest technologies from leading providers, no matter if you run a small business or a multinational corporation.

The benefits of business intelligence at a glance:

Bechtle’s data & analytics solutions help turning raw data into useful and useable information, enabling a raft of benefits that give your company a competitive edge, including:

Cost savings thanks to optimised internal business processes.

Increase in revenues thanks to tapping into new markets.

Reduction in risks.

Improved agility through accelerated and enhanced decision-making processes.

Better market position thanks to the early recognition and implementation of trends.

Boost in operative efficiency and value creation.

Future-ready with better planning.

Bechtle and business intelligence:
Modules and options at a glance.

Which offers are profitable?
Which marketing campaigns have been the most successful?
Which target groups have responded through which channels?
How often were machines, equipment, and vehicles out of action and what were the costs?
When should maintenance be carried out?


These are only a few examples of questions that modern data & analytics approaches help answer.


Modern Bechtle BI solutions offer:

Flexibility when running in the cloud or on your in-house IT system. 

At Bechtle, we accompany you in planning, building, and running your data & analytics solution, in the Cloud or on your on-premises infrastructure:

  • Defining your data & analytics strategy and governance
  • Planning and analysing your business intelligence and advanced analytics project
  • Implementing your data & analytics projects on cutting-edge technologies
  • Supporting your solution throughout its life cycle
  • Providing training on Data & Analytics tools & technologies



We master all phases of the data lifecycle:

  • Integrate all relevant data sources.
  • Store data efficiently and effectively and make it accessible to all stakeholders (data lake, data warehouse).
  • Process and analyse data – from reports to predictive analytics and recommendation, leveraging machine learning and other artificial intelligence approaches.
  • Visualise data on compelling reports and dashboards, to provide key insights at a glance.
Would you like an expert consultation on individual business intelligence products?

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