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Digital Signage - Public Displays



Public displays can be used in a whole range of areas:


  • In receptions to welcome visitors
  • In waiting rooms to entertain
  • As signposting systems, and
  • As information terminals


As you can see, they have a wide range of applications. Let your customers know about current topics, show content to make waiting time enjoyable, and show your guests the way to the right contact person or rooms. Welcome customers to reception or use the displays as an information terminal for your target groups.


You can decide if you want to control content from a central location or hand over this responsibility to individual branches. The most important factor is the perfect collaboration between the right displays and suitable software.

For which content are public displays most suitable?


Find out more about the solutions offered by our partners,PHILIPS and SAMSUNG.

Which software is the best for which product?

We recommend two software packages for content integration and control depending on the display provider.



CMND for Philips displays

CMND is an end-to-end solution for networked, professional displays. It includes system deployment and maintenance via a single drag-and-drop interface.


Run your network remotely with CMND & Control

Enhance the customer experience with CMND & Create

Fast configuration with CMND & Deploy

Personalisation and interaction with CMND & Check-in

Set parameters, update software and adjust and configure several displays at once—wherever you are.

This is a powerful authoring tool for creating attractive content. With the drag-and-drop interface, pre-installed templates and integrated widgets, create fantastic photos and compelling videos that will inspire your customers.

Supports fast installation and simple deployment. Add or remove settings via clones and install apps remotely with CMND & Deploy.

Transform guest experiences with enhanced personalisation and efficiency. This includes a personal welcome on the television plus setting the customer’s language. What’s more, there are features such as messaging, viewing invoices on the TV, express check-out, a variety of channel packages and lots more.


Your benefits:

  • Enjoy the seamless integration of the entire Philips Signage range
  • Simplify and optimise monitor management and configuration
  • Easily add and remove settings
  • Ensure fast APK distribution
  • Manage RF and IPTV channels

MagicInfo for Samsung displays

MagicInfo impresses with its intuitive operation, allowing you to easily manage content and control the display. Samsung offers a suite of creative tools that help you connect content creation and display management. This multimedia system enables breathtaking designs with an interactive character.


Our digital signage specialist is waiting to help you find the perfect solution.


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