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Philips PoS Screens


Creating the ultimate retail experience, touch-enabled displays turn passers-by into browsers and add an interactive dimension to shopping. Philips ultrabright displays brighten up shop windows with dynamic content, adding an information and entertainment twist.



  • Attract customers with higher-impact promotions
  • Build loyalty with brand-immersive experiences
  • Reach your audience with in-store specials in high-definition
  • Be ready to deliver personalised interactive shopping experiences
  • Create targeted promotions drawing on your own and external databases


Philips displays are tailored to thrive in the retail market—bringing the digital world into your space with the latest apps, connectivity and interactive features.


Create a retail space that is smarter, faster and more intuitive than any other, thanks to software partners delivering apps tailored to Philips Displays. It’s the best of both worlds—physical product combined with infinite digital apps and content.


Any location, any brightness—Philips UltraBright will ensure your screen is beautifully displayed in bright, vibrant colours and contrast. With its superb image visibility and clearer picture quality, not even sunlight stands a chance against your content and the customer.


Philips plug-and-play multi-touch displays are the perfect all-in-one solution for any point of sale and work with a host of useful Android apps.

Ultra-narrow bezels

Make a bigger impact with the floating design of Philips Professional Displays. With ultra-narrow bezels and advanced alignment solutions, content appears larger and more striking. Create a seamless video wall configuration of virtually any size with its virtually-borderless design.


H-Line / high-brightness displays

  • For use in shop windows or outdoors with an additional weatherproof casing.
  • Engineered to deliver bright, highquality images even in full sunlight
  • Optional light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment


Full HD display


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4K UHD display


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X-Line / video wall displays

  • Create an immersive visual experience to promote your product or brand
  • Highquality display surface for the best visual experience
  • Narrow bezels to create seamless video walls with virtually invisible displayto-display transitions


Video wall displays


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3-year on-site warranty

The built-in Android System-on-Chip (SoC) OS on select Philips Professional Displays enables native and web-based Android apps to be installed directly on the display.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G (optional) integrated.

CMND & Control lets you configure, update, and manage multiple displays at once wherever you are.

Create appealing content and push fantastic photos and captivating videos to your audience in no time using templates in CMND & Create.


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