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Professional TV is moving beyond passive entertainment. Increasingly it’s about personalisation, information and communication as well. Philips TV and signage solutions can help you strengthen your brand, increase sales and drive repeat visits. Think 4K Ultra-HD with Wi-Fi and Chromecast for great pictures and easy guest connectivity. Interactive in-room displays for fast communications. Digital concierge services for events. It's all possible.




  • Update information quickly
  • Welcome guests by name
  • Enhance concierge services
  • Making changes easily with central control


CMND & Create

Customise your content with CMND & Create. This powerful authoring tool comes included with your Philips Professional Display to help you design and create your own rich, compelling content. You can brand all the displays throughout the hotel the way you want to, simply and effectively.

CMND & Control

Manage all your connected displays through a single, centralised location. With CMND & Control, you can update your software, settings, scheduling and content configurations across your entire suite quickly and efficiently. No need to go room to room to manually change settings anymore.

Android apps

Impress your guests with infinite possibilities. Choose from an ever-growing collection of apps, games and services to maximise your guests’ overall experience with you. Better still, personal device connectivity will give your rooms a sophisticated modern touch.




Every little extra makes a difference in healthcare. Philips solutions lift patients’ spirits, help visitors find their way around and enable medical staff to make better diagnostic decisions. Heartline TVs give patients a complete entertainment centre and are compatible with nurse call systems. Interactive displays make it easy to find your way around. And with factory-calibrated screens, doctors can trust that images for review are displayed accurately.



  • Reduce reception pressure with visitor self-service
  • Send updates and information direct to patients’ screens
  • Connect displays to your nurse call system
  • Bed-side terminal



Hospital-ready innovation in a simple design. With anti-microbial housing, growth of most common micro-organisms is inhibited for a safer environment that requires less maintenance. The healthcare range is ideal for clinics, hospitals and homes employing healthcare workers.

Serial Xpress Protocol

Connect your displays to external decoders, set-top boxes and all major interactive system providers with ease. Serial Xpress Protocol provides an easy connection with great efficiency.


With MyChoice you can generate additional revenue without changing your existing infrastructure. The TV channels will be activated with a PIN code. Patients can buy these PIN codes at the hospital payment terminal or reception desk.

Clinical D image

Philips clinical review displays with clinical D-image preset are factory calibrated to give DICOM part 14 compatible Grayscale standard display performance. By using high-quality LCD panels with LED technology, Philips offers you consistent and reliable performance at an affordable price.


MediaSuite / Professional TV

  • For hotels, guest houses, retirement homes and hospitals
  • IPTV option and Coax connection on all models
  • Android OS, coming summer 2019: Google Chromecast and Play Store
  • Ambilight and SAT tuner available on select models


Hospitality TV





Healthcare TV





3-year warranty

The built-in Android System-on-Chip (SoC) OS on select Philips Professional Displays enables native and web-based Android apps to be installed directly on the display.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G (optional) integrated.

CMND & Control lets you configure, update, and manage multiple displays at once wherever you are.

Create appealing content and push fantastic photos and captivating videos to your audience in no time using templates in CMND & Create.

Google Cast and text below: Google Cast makes it easy to stream content from smartphones, tablets or notebooks to a TV screen in hotel rooms, hospitals or small meeting rooms.



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