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Samsung Conference Room Solutions


Your employees need powerful and flexible means to exchange information and ideas. Companies want to make sure messages to employees, partners and customers really get across. Samsung’s understanding of this has led to the development of corporate display solutions.

With interactive displays, whiteboards and Flip, they promote collaboration and help you get to grips with the challenges of today’s meetings.

Flip 2

The Samsung Flip 2 is an innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient business collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip 2 interactive UHD display, your team can work smarter, faster and better.

With Flip Notation, you can enjoy the smooth, familiar feel of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with a variety of colours, styles and widths available. Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool. You can also quickly delete either a small section or a full screen of content with one hand movement.

Flip’s intuitive, user-friendly menu simplifies navigation and reduces the time required to access controls or view content in its entirety. Facilitators also can preview individual content pages and make instant changes directly on the screen.

Through Samsung Flip’s broad connectivity, you and your team can share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at optimal visual quality with Flip Capture.

Flip Protection ensures that your game-changing ideas remain in the right hands through a reinforced security system. Each in-office team can set a unique numeric password to lock the display and remove critical content from view.

Flip Connection aligns your personal devices with the central screen for interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. You can connect a PC, tablet or USB storage device via the dedicated HDMI port, USB, mirroring. wireless (Windows 10) or NFC.

For companies with limited collaboration rooms, the Flip Display helps transform any personal office or available space into a full-fledged meeting room A portable, wheel-based stand means meeting can take place at any time, in any place.


The Flip 2 can be used in many ways: small meeting rooms, individual offices, one-to-one meetings and in combination with a second screen (screen sharing on a second screen).





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Interactive whiteboards

e-boards offer a versatile, all-in-one arena for improved collaboration. Enhanced touch technology, the intuitive MagicIWB S5 solution and UHD picture quality come together to boost productivity and collaboration by facilitating engaging, efficient interaction.



Your benefits


A sophisticated touch display



Quick access to important functions



Seamless source switching



Remote control



Convenient connectivity




Smart Signage Monitor


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SMART Signage


QBR Series

Through intelligent UHD upscaling technology, Samsung’s QBR series performs edge restoration and noise reduction to deliver UHD picture quality even with lower resolution content. Backed by Tizen 4.0, the QBR
series also provides reinforced capability with multiple web formats and secured protection. Additionally, its new slim design simplifies wall mounting and ensures seamless installation.


Samsung’s new QBR series is able to capture customer attention by providing an incredibly clear picture, showcasing lifelike images and intricate details better than ever before thanks to ultra high-definition 4K resolution.




4K UHD display


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QM Series

This series features impressive 4K UHD resolution and also offers configuration options for multi-display UHD daisy chains (extension and duplication to multi-monitor with just one cable). The displays are compatible with Cisco Webex Room Kits and anti-glare panels ensure enhance viewing. As with the QB series, these devices have an integrated media player and System-on-Chip (SoC) technology.


Recommended for medium-sized to large meeting rooms



4K UHD all-in-one display (24/7)


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Digital meeting room signage


Make your company more room-efficient with the 13" anti-glare, FHD touch and non-touch screens. With an embedded MagicINFO S player, backed by TIZEN, these displays help you to display content during reliable 16/7 operation without the need for an external media player. SSSP also allows easy content development through reinforced compatibility with multiple web formats. The powerful Knox security system provides rigid, three-layer security, offering airtight protection at the application, platform and system level, while restricting access to content and hardware. In addition, remote control of the network and USB ports prevents any unauthorised access. Built-in Wi-Fi allows wireless remote management for both content and display.




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LED Video Wall


Samsung video walls deliver an outstanding, seamless experience. They are designed for 24/7 operations and are easy to install.

The slim bezel measuring 0.88 mm to 3.5 mm enables almost seamless content playback. The anti-glare panels ensure content can be easily read regardless of the ambient light. Thanks to the multi-layer factory calibration, the video walls have uniform brightness and colours across several screens. Thanks to the daisy chain configuration with DP1.2 and HDMI ports, Samsung’s video walls can project UDN content to several screens up to a 5 x 5 configuration.

Samsung has a wide range of video wall products. Please get in touch with our Digital Signage Solution Architect.


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