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Connect, serve and entertain guests.

Today’s tech-savvy hotel guests expect cutting-edge in-room enhancements as part of their stay with access to a variety of professional and personal content, applications and programs. Samsung’s innovative hospitality displays offer new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage guests while improving their own operational efficiency. An intuitive interface gives guests complete control of their in-room settings while unlocking unlimited opportunities to stay informed and entertained through a range of customised content. Hotels likewise benefit from more efficient communication and personalised customer service delivery without requiring a significant infrastructure overhaul.


HRU750 series


Display your content in UHD quality. HRU750 displays offer your guests and patients vibrant image quality in their rooms. Thanks to UHD upscaling technology, the displays show all content with 4x the number of pixels as standard Full HD, i.e. in UHD (3,840 x 2,160), thus ensuring a breath-taking TV experience.


The HRU750 series has a slim and minimalist design and blends harmoniously into your environment. The displays offer an intuitive and customisable menu which you can use to greet guests with a message, display logos or brand symbols and provide helpful information such as phone numbers.


Samsung LYNK Cloud is a fully integrated platform for content management, device management, and even data analysis. LYNK Cloud can deliver important marketing insights about your guests’ content use that you can use to optimise your offering and more easily boost your turnover.


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In addition to your favourite content, guests can perform many other functions with the displays such as changing the lighting in a room, opening or closing the curtains, or setting the temperature.


HRU750 displays are available in 43ʺ, 50 ʺ, 55 ʺ, 65 ʺ and 75 ʺ. Get in touch with our digital signage specialists for a no strings attached offer.


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