AI-based COVID-19 control solution – The best protection is early detection.

Use case
Product description
Use case

Office reopening – Keep infection rates to a minimum with artificial intelligence (AI).

COVID-19 infection rates are falling and the aim now is to avoid risk in public buildings, on factory floors and everywhere else people gather. Bechtle Schweiz AG is now offering an AI-based COVID-19 control solution built on the Parsifal AI platform developed by the G2K Group that will allow public life to return to normal, save your resources and enable speedy intervention.



The COVID-19 solution can be installed in various areas. Watch the videos to see it in action.


Stadia      clinics      business premises

Solution partner.

Bechtle Schweiz AG is working together with the G2K Group and its Parsifal platform—a modular solution that allows you to collect, structure, correlate and derive actions based on input from IoT, CCTV, CRM, ERP and even a data lake. Bechtle Schweiz is the G2K Group’s exclusive implementation partner in Switzerland.

Product description

Body temperature measurement.

Body temperature measurement is essential for the detection of acute infections with fever being one of the most common coronavirus symptoms. Using a high quality thermal camera, Parsifal detects people with high body temperatures—at a distance and in real-time. This gives you the opportunity to isolate potentially infectious people before they enter the premises and come into contact with others. The system is also able to detect a large number of people and is therefore ideal for areas with heavy footfall. 

Mask detection.  

To ensure compliance with regulations, the system automatically detects if those entering your building are wearing their face masks correctly.

People counters.  

While it’s doing all that, the system is also keeping track of the number of people entering the building so you can guarantee you don’t exceed the maximum number allowed and queues are kept to a minimum.

IoT Covid Control Bundle
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