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Secure infrastructure thanks to Bechtle's IT security solution.

These days, companies need to enhance how they protect their valuable data as a firewall often only protects the external network. As soon as hackers make it into the company network, they have everything at their disposal.


Using the cloud makes it more difficult for businesses to keep an eye on their platforms and infrastructures. Thanks to digitalisation, there are not only better security tools, but attackers now don't have to look as hard to find new gaps in security as IoT devices are often neglected.

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IT security – A challenge for every company.

Which data require particular protection? How do we protect east-west traffic? Do we need demilitarised zones (DMZ)? Which security provider is the best for us?


Security is a complex subject. There’s a security solution for every part of the IT infrastructure—from endpoints, networks and servers to branch offices and remote locations, which is why there is no such thing as a standard solution. Only after a thorough analysis and consultation can security problems be detected and a solution found.


It’s crucial that the solutions harmonise with each other and even are able to communicate with each other. If the perimeter firewall or the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) detects an intruder, the rest of the system can’t ignore it, but take appropriate security measures.    

Security pitfall: Digitalisation.

A company's digital transformation naturally results in even more end devices, applications and users and thus more potential gaps in security. That’s why there are five important security rules to follow during the digitalisation process:

  • Detect and resolve threats in peripherals (e.g. IoT devices)
  • Introduce secure employee workstations – In the office and on the road.
  • Correctly control accesses, e.g. with Single Sign-On
  • Simply and securely set up subnetworks
  • Detect and resolve gaps in security promptly through monitoring

IT security begins with consulting

Getting started is simple. Our IT Business Architects will make sure that have an IT security solution that suits your business. We also offer:


  • Analysis of security requirements
  • Design and creation of a proof of concept
  • Implementation of the solutions in the infrastructure by our certified security experts
  • Expertise and knowledge transfer thanks to our Bechtle Internet Security & Services (BISS) Competence Centre


Bechtle has been working for many years with all renowned security vendors. Success: As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we have top-level certifications such as Cisco Premier Partner.


Got questions about our IT solutions or want to learn more about our services? Just get in touch. We’re happy to help.

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Cyber attacks have never been more prevalent. The only way for companies to protect their valuable data is with a holistic IT security strategy.