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A growing number of businesses use cloud computing and Software as a Service to enable them to become more agile while, at the same time, reducing costs. However, this means that employees often have to log in to applications and systems resulting in a huge increase in identity management particularly when several vendors’ services are being used at once. In addition, new IT security risks arise.

To make Identity & Access Management (IAM) easier and more secure, we’ve developed innovative solutions that support you in everything from the management to the migration of identities. Bechtle Software & IAM Solutions.

Protect your corporate network.

iam amira  – Identity, Access and Resource Management. 

iam amira – Identity, Access and Resource Management. iam amira is a self-service tool developed by Bechtle that enables users to quickly and easily manage identities and resources plus request access rights. Saved workflows and processes guarantee correct and legally-compliant handling and logging of data compliance. iam amira can be used by business units, user admins and IT admins for the management of identities, resources and access rights.

MigDB Portal Migration of identities and resources.

Looking to modernise your IT infrastructure, migrate services to the cloud or re-structure your corporate network? With the MigDB Portal, the migration of accounts, mailboxes and resources is child’s play. And best of all, with comprehensive status reports, you’ll stay up to speed on how the project is progressing.



Custom solutions – More security.

Need a solution that is tailored to your company’s business requirements? We are happy to put together a solution tailored to your needs, no matter if its process automation, system monitoring, data synchronisations or the management of objects in directories and databases. We’ll show you which solutions suit your needs. Just get in touch.



Why is identity management so important?

A lot of companies today have offices around the world with their employees communicating using collaboration tools, sharing content and requiring access to the company’s cloud no matter where they are. This throws up several challenges for businesses: admins have to approve employee access to every single application even though responsibility for their management often lies within the technical departments and teams. This quickly leads to security and compliance issues. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain an overview of the identities and permissions. The only solution is to have centralised identity and access management that allows for a consistent, secure and transparent delegation of admin to those responsible.


A secure partner.

Bechtle has been successfully providing mid-size businesses and large companies IT security solutions for over 20 years. We always achieve maximum customer satisfaction. As a long-term business partner of numerous vendors, we have over 6,900 top-level certifications, including Microsoft Gold, HPE Platinum, Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor, Cisco Premier Partner and many more. Our 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide the sound expertise you need for your security projects, wherever you are.


Our 47 Competence Centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide the sound expertise you need for your security projects, wherever you are.


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Your Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution for the transparent management of identities, resources and access rights.


Account, mailbox and resource migration – Simple and automated. 

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