iam amira - your IAM solution.

For the traceable management of identities, resources and access rights.

iam amira is a self-service tool. It allows users to easily and unbureaucratically request resources and rights, while stored workflows and processes ensure proper handling and logging.

iam amira is used by the Business, User Admins, and IT Administrators to manage identities, resources, and access rights.


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Identity Management. 

The administration of identities is a fundamental task within the IT of a company. Surely it is the indispensable basis for controlling IT resources and authorizations, which must be assigned to an identity in  a transparent and traceable manner at all times.

iam amira guarantees a rule-compliant and seamless linking of persons with their accounts, mailboxes, resources and access rights – throughout the entire lifecycle of the objects.


Resource Management. 

The provision of IT resources and network resources – such as data repositories, group mailboxes, intranet pages, Office 365 teams – is one of the core IT tasks that can usually be automated very effectively and profitably.

iam amira supports automatic provisioning and subsequent management of resources both on-premise and in the cloud. Users are given the opportunity to easily apply for new resources via a self-service portal and manage themselves after approval.


Access Management. 

One of the core requirements of IT security is that users only have access to the resources they actually need for their work. Central mechanisms here are visibly documented legitimations by the relevant persons who are responsible for the resources as well as a regular review and, if necessary, adjustment to the authorizations.

iam amira automates and documents the administration of access rights to resources by allowing users to apply for the rights they need for their work in the portal. The respective resource managers in turn can easily grant these rights after checking  the applications. The periodic checking of authorizations ensures that the entire  life cycle is covered in a comprehensible manner.

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iam amira Key Features.

1. Complete Lifecycle Management
2. Empower Your User
3. Control Resource Access Through Workflows
4. Leverage Existing Systems and Processes
5. User-Friendly and Intuitive User Interface
1. Complete Lifecycle Management

1. Complete Lifecycle Management.

After specifiying your policies (such as naming conventions and security restriction), iam amira automatically enforces compliance – from crating an object to disabling it. All changes are fully logged. This full lifecycle control is essential for compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. Empower Your User

2. Reduced total cost of ownership.

iam amira allows users to maintain their own data within the defined guidelines. As a result, the effort fort the IT organization can be reduced. Regular data checks and the ability for users to correct items also increases both data quality and transparency.

3. Control Resource Access Through Workflows

3. Control Resource Access Through Workflows.

With iam amira self-service end users can easily search in the catalog for required resources and request access directly from the responsible people. The stored release process ensure that all access requests are executed correctly. Transparently and efficiently.

4. Leverage Existing Systems and Processes

4. Leverage Existing Systems and Processes.

By connecting existing systems and processes with aMIRA, the administration of the affected objects can be further automated. For example, you can integrate your HR system to automatically control the lifecycle of identities, accounts, and accesses as a result of personal changes.

5. User-Friendly and Intuitive User Interface

5. User-Friendly and Intuitive User Interface.

Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly web GUI of iam amira, end users and IT staff can manage their quickly and without additional support.

iam amira Key Benefits.


User friendly services.

No matter if filing, SharePoint or group mailbox: Every user can con-veniently request access to his resources via web portal. The approval process is stored and the provisioning of resources and rights takes place automatically after confirmation. This saves time and protects the IT department.


Consistent identity and resource management.

Unified management interface for all your accounts and resources. Whether in the cloud or in the intranet, management policies remain the same. This allows you to transparently migrate resources between the cloud and intranet.


Integrated Resource Management. 

The assignment of rights requires the prior creation of resources. With iam amira this works automatically on request – of course always according to the roles and approval processes you have specified.



Rights assignement accoding to rules. 

Allows you to specify specific approval workflows for each resource type. For example, newsletters can be activated in auto-approval mode, while business-critical data requires approval by two or more persons responsible. You have full control and the certainty that critical work-flows are adhered to.


Compliance and Traceability. 

Regulatory requirements often need comprehensive logging. Our History Trail enables a complete view of all access authorizations including applicant, approver, validity period and further details. The data can also be easily exported for further evaluation at the press of a button.

Be more efficient with our identity and access management tool iam amira.

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