Migrate identities, accounts, mailboxes, 
and resources.

The effort for a migration and the impact on users and work processes should be as low as possible. Our MigDB portal with a high degree of automation meets these requirements. Whether you are renewing your infrastructure, moving services to the cloud, or reorganizing your business, it usually involves a migration of resources and identities.

Our over 20 years of experience combined with our migration and self-service tools make us your ideal partner for migration projects.

Our focus is and will always be on a streamlined and efficient migration. Strictly following the motto: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

MigDB Portal.

Our MigDB Portal is a web application that enables the automated migration of accounts, mailboxes and resources according to a predefined workflow.

The individual steps and their dependence on each other can be freely configured - as well as the time windows for the migration. Thanks to the comprehensive status reporting you are always informed about the project progress.

Migration to Office 365.

From coexistence to mailbox switching reconfiguration – the MigDB Portal takes over the automated control and logging of the individual migration steps according to your specifications. Prerequisite for this is the Exchange Hybrid mode.

Functional Extensions.

DLP Agent

Our DLP agent allows you to filter the message traffic based on predefined criteria. This enables you to perform subsequent content analysis related to the selected information.

Resource Booking

The resource booking frontend enables users to easily find appropriate resources, such as meeting rooms or company cars, for booking purposes. 


The user/account move tool enables automation of user/mailbox relocations within the company. Location specific settings and requirements are automatically adjusted in order to comply with the target location.

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