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Stay productive - homeschooling.

With the current situation, everyone is being challenged—teaching staff, pupils, and parents, too. We’re having to ask ourselves totally new questions about tomorrow’s learning schedule. We are here to support you in these challenging times and offer you targeted solutions to keep you going. 

Current challenges: 

The following thoughts are probably on your mind right now: 

  • How can I communicate with pupils and parents?
  • How can I make information, learning material, and tasks available?
  • How can I monitor progress on the work I set?
  • How can I support pupils and mark their work?
  • How can pupils work together?

In order to be able to overcome these challenges, you need an online platform that everyone can connect to: pupils, teaching staff, parents, and school administrators. 

Distance learning with office 365.

Distance learning can be facilitated with Microsoft Office 365. With this collaboration platform, you can assign a working area per class.  

Possible application areas: 
  • A dedicated area in Microsoft Teams per class, accessible via a browser or the MS Teams app 
  • Communication via chat and video conferences 
  • Built-in class notepad accessible via a browser or the MS OneNote app. 
  • Contents library for documents provisioned by teaching staff 
  • Secure areas per pupils and students to which only they and teaching staff have access 
  • Teaching staff can make work available to individuals or all pupils and students 
  • Correcting of work including option to add grades 
  • Provisioning of a joint workspace per subject for pupils and students 


Additional workspaces can be created: 
  • For teaching staff 
  • Collaboration zone for school teams via chat/video, employee notepad 
  • Task management for teaching staff 
  • Information website for parents 
How can we help you quickly? 

Steps to fast and easy provisioning. Please send us the following: 

.. information 
  • If you don’t yet have Office 365: Name and contact details of school 
  • If you have Office 365: Name of the tenant (please grant us admin permission) 
  • Your school’s logo and preferred colours for the design 


.. three lists 
  • Class names – and per class
    Class subjects
    First name, last name of the pupil or student 
    First name, last name of the member of teaching staff 
  • First and last name of the school management members and teaching staff 
  • List of parents including first and last name, private e-mail, and name of pupils and students
What do you get?  


.. an office 365 platform
  • If you do not yet have Office 365, you will receive a fully set up Office 365 tenant 
  • If you already have Office 365, you will receive tenants configured with the features described 


.. features tailored to distance learning.
  • Pre-configured information website that you can fill with tailored content 
  • Ready-to-go login accounts for pupils, students and teaching staff 
  • Parent contact lists 
  • Automatic e-mail notification to parents with new information 
  • Team area for every class with assigned teaching staff member and pupils and students 
  • Team area for teaching staff and school admins 


.. professional support.  
  • Collection of introductory videos on using the platform 
  • Quick induction for efficient use 
  • Access to our service desk for quick help on user questions and technical support  
  • Specialist support in continued use and expansion of the solution 



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Supplement distance learning with School Messenger.

To make sure you are always ready for class, Office 365 Education can be quickly extended with the SchoolFox School messenger.

SchoolFox is a smartphone and computer app which teaching staff, parents, pupils and headteachers can use to share text, images and files as well as coordinate tasks, projects and events even from home.


  • Easy communication with parents and pupils
  • Group chats that are perfect for group-based class work or coordinating teaching staff
  • Homework sent directly
  • Emergency messages that can be sent via SchoolFox, but also SMS and e-mail.
  • Overcome language barriers: Translation from German into 40 languages. The app itself comes with 14 system languages.


It goes without saying that SchoolFox, just like Microsoft solutions, ensures that private contact information remains secure. Processing is GDPR-compliant.




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