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What does it take to be able to operate a secure and suitably powerful network? What happens when additional devices can access networks and can our networks take the added strain? What factors need to be taken into account and what options are there?

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No more worries with Umbrella


Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that enables you to protect your employees and company—wherever they are. It’s the first line of defence against threats from the internet. Block malware, phishing, and command-and-control call-backs before any damage can even be done.



With WAN and SD-WAN you can manage your company’s internet connect as you like. You decide what connection should be used for which application. You have the choice to either spread the load over several connections or bundle it onto one. WAN and SD-WAN let you stay as flexible as you like.



With a WLAN and LAN connection, you can create an environment in which newly acquired devices can be optimally and productively deployed. Choosing the right WLAN connection doesn’t just provide quality and flexibility, but also boosts efficiency. Lay down the right requirements so that your employees can have a stable and fast connection in your environment.



Reduce administrative effort for your firewall and gain time to spend on other activities. With a simple and central management platform, you can manage employees working from home and in the office quickly and flexibly.

MDM solutions


A Cloud-based mobile device management solution (MDM) lets you manage all mobile devices—centrally, transparently, and independent of location. You decide which applications and versions are installed on devices. Protect your employees’ mobile devices and manage them efficiently.

Home office


Protect your company even when your employees are using their personal devices to complete their work. When special incidents arise you receive a notification and can manage all access centrally.

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