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No matter if you work for a company, a public authority or educational institution, your network must be high-performing and have all the features to enable your business to run smoothly.



Are you looking for a network solution that will ensure your future growth?



Do you have a lean IT department? A cloud-managed switch can simplify your network management. You get a simple user interface, comprehensive management for several locations as well as automatic updates that are directly deployed to the switch.

Device-based management


Use a switch that is managed on-site. This is also a good option if you are not allowed to use cloud applications due to compliance regulations or if your network experts prefer custom device management.


Managed and unmanaged


Need to tightly control network traffic? A manged switch gives you the possibility to configure and monitor your LAN. And if you want to connect several networks, you should select a managed switch with layer 2 or 3 features.


Cloud-managed switches
LAN-core and distribution switches


Compact cloud-managed switch with integrated mounting options.


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Meraki MS120


Cloud-managed switch with several energy options.



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Meraki MS210


Stackable cloud-managed 1G switch.



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Meraki MS225


Stackable cloud-managed 10G switch.



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Switches managed from the device
Catalyst 1000 Series


Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches provide enterprise-grade network access sized for small businesses.


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Catalyst 9200 Series


Cloud-managed switch with several energy options.



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Catalyst 3650 Series


Stackable cloud-managed 1G switch, MS225-compatible.



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Managed and unmanaged switches
110 Series unmanaged switches


Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switching.



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250 Series smart switches


Robust switch for enterprise networks with a range of features at an affordable price.



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350 X Series Stackable Managed Switches


Deploy Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, stacking and advanced features for a fast, secure and reliable network


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550 X Series Stackable Managed Switches


Stacking support for up to 8 units and 400 ports in a single stack.



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We recommend the purchasing Cisco Smartnet with each Cisco switch so that you have access to experts all day, every day.



SME switches are reliable and easy to manage so you can focus on your business.




Thanks to the large variety of options, you are bound to find the right switch for your IT environment.



Quickly and easily implement new technologies without neglecting security.


As an SME, you want to develop your business, so let our network specialists check and optimise your install base now. Cisco’s network technology will help you achieve more.


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