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Cisco Meraki is a fully cloud-managed network solution including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security appliances, WAN optimisation and MDM, all managed via the web. The complete Cisco Meraki line-up can be managed in the cloud, making deployments and administration—from access points and switches to security appliances and end points—a breeze. It also makes network provisioning and managing easier than ever. The web-based dashboard offers all the functionality you need to stay on top of your environment. There’s also an integrated network analysis to give you valuable insights into user behaviour.
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Hybrid agility

Empower your employees with the flexibility to choose where they work with a simple, secure and seamless experience, no matter if they’re in the office, at home or on the go. Doing this at a large scale makes your organisation as a whole more agile and resilient, leading to better productivity and a committed workforce that is excited to go the extra mile.

Smart spaces

Offer guests, employees or students an intuitive smart-space experience anywhere with advanced IoT technologies. Now, Cisco Meraki solutions can even connect people to their environment. They help organisations ensure a safe and healthy workplace while promoting productivity, enhancing the quality of collaboration, and optimising the way employees use their end devices.

Cisco Switch
WiFi 6e
Cisco SD-Wan

Customers choose Meraki switches for their locations, network topology or connectivity backbone because they are easy to deploy, manage and configured out of the box. There’s no complex command line scripts to learn or other specialist knowledge required making zero-touch multi-site deployments a breeze.


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Wi-Fi 6 lets you expand your internet highway with more lanes, boost the speed limit up and downstream, and master multiple overload, density, and security obstacles. The Meraki MR series is the world’s first line of enterprise-grade cloud-managed Wi-Fi access points. Engineered for performance in demanding environments, MR access points use advanced Wi-Fi 6 technologies including MU-MIMO, OFDMA, beamforming and channel bonding to deliver the throughput and consistent coverage needed for pro applications.

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The Cisco Meraki MX security and SD-WAN appliances are the easiest cloud-managed SD-WAN solution offering core components of a SASE architecture. Their robust security features, native cloud security, seamless integration with private and public clouds and advanced machine-learning-based analytics are all supported by the central cloud-managed platform.


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Cisco Camera
Cisco Sensor
Surveillance cameras

Meraki cameras have intelligence built in so you can get more from your physical security. Configured in just a few minutes, they provide advanced analytics and security capabilities that are ready for tomorrow’s applications. The cameras are easily operated from anywhere, while onboard storage combined with cloud-management eliminate the need for a separate network video recorder (NVR) or video management system (VMS).

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Keep an eye on your environment with remote monitoring and highly customisable alerts. Deploy and manage thousands of environmental sensors in no time to collect data on temperatures or humidity and detect leaks or unauthorised access to your premises. Just insert batteries and add the sensors to your dashboard.

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System management

Meraki Systems Manager offers powerful functions to ensure end device security via network policies, gain real-time visibility of device locations and installed applications, and remotely configure devices with Wi-Fi and VPN access, applications, e-mail and more. Together with other Meraki products, it adds tremendous value via the Meraki Dashboard for securing and configuring your device fleet.


The Meraki Dashboard connects all your Cisco Meraki devices and enables you to centrally manage your network no matter its size or where in the world it is located. Every last setting can be configured via the dashboard, when you have the device in hand, or even before that, making you extremely flexible thanks to advance configurations of your Meraki deployments.

What’s new?

Wi-Fi 6E never looked so good!

Prepare your network for what’s next with the reliability, capacity, and speed of Wi-Fi 6E. Deliver exceptional wireless experiences for customers and employees, build engaging, smarter workspaces, and protect every connection with WPA3. Experience a wired-like connection on your wireless network.

WiFi 6e
  • Visibility and control across the entire network
  • Self-provisioning for fast deployments
  • Automatic reporting
  • Non-disruptive firmware updates
  • Built-in security with Umbrella DNS
  • Native Active Directory integration

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