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With modern teams spread across departments, sites, and even time zones, your competitive edge depends more than ever on creating an environment that fosters seamless communication and effective collaboration, while allowing employees to choose the way they work best. Empowering teams with the right tools enables them to stay connected and deliver the results that drive your success. That’s why it is paramount for organisations today to optimally integrate their hardware and software and choose the right mix of collaboration tools.



Empower modern collaboration. Anywhere. Any time.

As the saying goes, one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and a single new device is a long way from modern working. The workplace of the future is more than just integrating digital technologies: The conditions for a digital workplace and therefore for a future-oriented, efficient world of work also have to be right. And technology is only one part of the story.

Ermöglichen Sie moderne Collaboration – an jedem Ort, zu jeder Zeit.

Unleash your teams with modern collaboration solutions.



Maximise employee productivity with simple collaboration on shared projects.



Keep people in sync through knowledge sharing and collaboration in agile teams.



Enhance decision-making by sharing information across your organisation.



Save time with shared access to pooled knowledge and de-siloed expertise.




Unshackle productivity with faster data access and enhanced analytics.




Prevent information loss with automated on-the-fly file backup and version recovery.


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What is modern collaboration?

Collaboration today is all about seamless and efficient communication across applications and channels. The prime goal is to increase transparency in order to avoid out-of-sync workflows, prevent delays and enable optimal decisions. Employees can connect around the globe as if they were in the same room. Modern collaboration spans a number of topics:

  • Real-time communication tools including phone, chat, web conference, and presence information.
  • Applications for file sharing, document management, shared calendars, project management, brainstorming and knowledge sharing.
  • Advanced technology for meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

What’s more, organisations need to develop a continuous optimisation strategy for collaboration and communication, raise employee acceptance and collaboration skills, coach virtual teams, and cultivate mutual trust as the fertile soil for future success.  

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Collaboration can only thrive with proper team spirit. Our Partner.

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Make modern collaboration reality with Samsung.

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Collaboration with Cisco: Infographic.

Collaboration in dispersed teams is a challenge. 85% of employees regularly have issues with online meetings. Learn how Cisco Webex can help you.




Modern enterprise collaboration with Cisco

Why should you opt for modern collaboration solutions?
How can you manage the challenges of collaboration?




Visual collaboration – With anyone, from anywhere. With the Poly Studio X family.

Give your employees a motivational boost with quick and efficient collaboration products.




Audio and video solutions by Jabra. Boost your office and on-the-go productivity.

Jabra headsets and video conferencing solutions deliver superior voice clarity to communicate with teams and business partners, cutting noise and tethers to minimise distraction and let you roam freely.




How Bechtle helps you transform teamwork

We want nothing short of the best collaboration solution for your organisation. That’s why we offer comprehensive and independent consultation, starting with an evaluation of how your employees work together right now. Together we’ll work out the ideal target situation, uncover current pain points and reveal possible savings. The results are then distilled into an individual proposal that will enable your dispersed teams to unlock their full collaborative potential.



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