Seamlessly control customer flow. 


In the current situation, it is extremely important to know how many people are on your premises so that you can comply with social distancing regulations. Philips Professional Display Solutions has collaborated with its partners to develop a secure customer flow management solution.

A sensor to count people and signs for a single entrance.

Keep an eye on the number of people entering a public area using a single entrance. The simple traffic light system means you can grant or deny access to people as they arrive. What’s more, you also have the opportunity to use the display to show targeted information in real-time.

People-counting software with several entrances, sensors and signs.

For area with several entrances, Digital Signage is the perfect solution thanks to effective capacity management  and the opportunity to communicate with customers in the queue.

What do I need?


Bosch camera






Switch POE


Philips Android

SoC display & free

PoepleCount app

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