HP Wolf Security for Business1 includes a portfolio of security solutions that are built into the hardware. HP equips you with a secure foundation that puts protection first.

Cyber predators work after hours. You need security that does that, too.

As cybercriminals target endpoints in the evolving workplace, HP Wolf Security safeguards your people and your businesses with always-on always watching hardware-enforced protection. We stay vigilant so you can keep working—anytime and anywhere.

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The world’s most secure PCs

Since the pandemic began, cyberattacks are up 400%. HP Elite PCs, workstations and select Pro PCs come pre-installed with a stack of hardware-enforced security features that enable your people and your teams to work more securely from anywhere without fear of modern threats.


HP Sure Click

Opens files, applications and web pages inside micro VM containers trapping malware so endpoint and users stay secure.

HP Sure Start

The world’s first self-healing BIOS, automatically recovers from firmware attacks or corruption by restarting with a safe copy of BIOS.

HP Sure Run

Keeps critical security processes up and running, even if malware tries to shut them down.

HP Sure View

Shield sensitive information from prying eyes with just the touch of a button.

HP Sure Recover

Allows users to automatically restore their OS using only a network connection. No IT required.

HP Sure Sense

Intelligent threat defence that uses deep-learning AI, finds and neutralises malware and ransomware.