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Our long-term partnership with HPE means we all pull together so that you have the user experience you need. With HPE as our strategic partner, we have a finger on the pulse and are ready to react to new technologies and trends. In combination with our services, you get a package that’s perfectly tailored to your needs—and quickly!

We at BECHTLE strive to go the extra mile, which is why you the customer benefit from HPE’s highest platinum certification.

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As enterprise mobility and cloud computing transform the IT industry, desktop virtualisation should facilitate the transition, giving employees access to applications through hardware-based GPU approval via a secure connection from any device.



Improved profitability


Virtual desktops reduce desktop management and support costs and help minimise deployment times. They also help lower IT and labour costs that, according to experts, can account for 50 to 70% of TCO.



Simplified desktop management


Applications on virtual desktops no longer need to be installed, updated or patched, plus you don’t have to worry about backing up files or searching for viruses on customer devices because everything is centrally managed, stored and backed up.


Enhanced security


Virtual desktops are more secure because employees don’t save confidential data that can easily be lost, stolen or manipulated on a device. What’s more, data are centrally and regularly backed up.


Increased productivity


Virtual desktops make it possible for employees to access applications and data at any time, from anywhere. VDI also reduces downtimes as software and software updates can be centrally managed and installed boosting employee productivity.


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