Bechtle Global Access.


With Global Access, Bechtle offers its enterprise customers a company-wide communication platform and thus considerable benefits for circulating standards, communicating complex technical details and producing data for central reporting. This platform ensures same-day communication regardless of the time zone.


What we do

With over 450 partners in more than 150 countries, Global Access enables us to provide you with a global end-to-end solution over which our entire range of products and services is available. This gives you complete transparency of local taxes, pre-defined fixed margins and fees, and ordering processes.


Your benefits


You have one contact person but global coverage with management teams in each country/region and you have around-the-clock support on both a global and local level. Local experts take care of imports meaning you save VAT and on-time deliveries are guaranteed. And by bundling purchases you save even more.

If required, additional options are available: Central and local invoicing, order tracking, credit card payments, etc.

In the following video, you’ll learn more about the Global Access communications platform from our international sales consultant, Sebastian Krüger.

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The best part?


You can test our platform with no strings attached. We can adapt to your needs. Simply tell us who can have which access to data and which reports you need.


Want to know more about Global Access?

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