E-Procurement services made by Bechtle.


Does your company do business internationally? If you are looking to implement and optimise IT procurement and standards across all your branches, you’ll know the challenges you have to face— supplier reliability, delivery to all locations as well as the complexity linked to such a project.

What is E-Procurement services?


Watch this video to learn more about our tailored e-procurement solution. More than half of Bechtle’s international customers have been able to dramatically cut their process costs for sourcing IT products and services across Europe by making E-Procurement services an integral part of their procurement.


Our global customer, Swissport International AG is one of many already enjoying this solution. Watch the short interview with Mr Christian Neuenschwander, IT Manager at Swissport, and see for yourself.

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Your benefits.


With a choice of over 70,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers available online, we give you the whole world of current IT at your fingertips. Your own E-Procurement services shop gives authorised employees access to a pre-approved selection of products that meet your organisation’s specific needs, all available at up-to-date prices. Purchasers benefit from convenient e-invoicing and e-signatures, while transparent statistics and custom reports give you complete visibility into all procurement activities. Granular user management, shipping and invoice address management, multi-tier authorisation flows, and many other purpose-built procurement features help you achieve and streamline a paperless procurement process throughout Europe.

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