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Solutions for SMEs

Digitalisation is advancing at a rate of knots and each day, new vulnerability and IT risks are uncovered that pose major challenges to SMEs. Trying to maintain an overview of these complex threats and the potential steps to counteract them eats up a lot of time and effort and the issue is often compounded by using various security and hardware from numerous providers.

Bechtle direct can help you on the road to comprehensive IT security with solutions bundles from just one security partner, thereby massively reducing your workload as you get a simple solution and any support you need from a single source. Manage your entire security on just one partner platform and save resources, time and money.

Solutions for schools

The digital classroom has long been a point of discussion at educational institutions, but the corona pandemic has pushed the idea to the fore. A digital strategy is so much more than choosing the right hardware for teachers and students as it, your data and the entire network need to be protected. We have put together easy-to-manage IT security packages with our partners to best suit your needs.

Solutions for healthcare

In a worst case scenario, attacks on hospital systems, patient files and financial data can endanger life. The use of lots of electronic devices, medical technology leveraging IoT and increasing network access make substantial infrastructures even more complex. Working together with our partners, we can offer optimum protection for your network and data.

Discover practical examples and gain a first-hand insight during our live webinars with our partners Sophos and Cisco. You’ll even be able to put your questions directly to the experts.


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