E-mail and web security.


What are e-mail and web security all about?

For many businesses, e-mails are the most important means of communication, which is why they are often used to sneak ransomware, phishing links, virus-infected attachments and spam into the network.

To prevent this, all e-mail traffic has to be checked for viruses and malware at the gateway. Spam protection is also important as it doesn’t only block spam e-mails, but also phishing attacks and malicious links and the same is also true of URL checkers that are needed to identify links and suspicious websites.

To effectively protect your business not just from potential external threats, but also from e-mail content you need e-mail encryption, but to ensure it’s not just a unilateral measure, i.e. only your company does it, you need end-to-end encryption to guarantee your e-mail gets from A to B without a detour to C.

Last but not least, web security protects your business against malicious web activities and blocks inappropriate websites, and you can securely access the internet and cloud applications.

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