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The aftermath of Hafnium and how to stop ransomware.

At the beginning of March, the wave of attacks on Exchange servers, presumably initiated by the Hafnium hacker group, made headlines worldwide. The proxy logon exploit has been patched up after an update, but many questions remain unanswered. How can I detect attacks based on a zero-day vulnerability? How do I know if hackers have already introduced malware into my system? What are the most effective means against ransomware attacks? Together with the security experts from Sophos, we provide you with answers and explain in a practical way how a communicative and comprehensive IT security system can put a stop to modern cyberattacks.

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Endpoint security


Sophos Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) ensures security compliance and provides capabilities to enforce query and remote response actions.




Sophos Deep Learning technology includes artificial intelligence (AI) that detects malware without signatures.




Sophos Exploit Prevention prevents access via exploits and techniques used to introduce malware, steal credentials and disguise attacks.




Sophos Managed Threat Response provides you with a team of experts who take action to neutralise even the most sophisticated threats.





Sophos offers effective protection against ransomware.



E-mail & web security


Sophos Anti-Spam and deep learning protects your inbox from threats, spam and phishing attacks. DLP and encryption technologies encrypt and defend your sensitive data.




Sophos Web and App Control entails web filtering policy controls and unique protection with user and group-based next-gen application capabilities.




Your average employee is the easiest target within your company. Sophos Phish Threat  trains and tests your employees through automated attack simulations, security awareness training and reporting data.



Network security


The Sophos Next Generation Firewall provides an extremely high level of protection, performance and visibility across all your network traffic—whether encrypted, evasive or hard to identify.




Sophos Synchronized Security enables Sophos endpoints to share security status, application and telemetry data with the firewall, improving visibility, protection and response performance.




Sophos SD-WAN and VPN Options can be added optionally to your hybrid and cloud network. SD-WAN edge devices are available for a fair price and can provide strong and secure connectivity from remote locations thanks to SD-RED (zero-touch-order).




Sophos Wireless-Management is included free of charge and you can choose from a wide range of powerful Plug and Play access points.



Application security


Sophos Cloud Optix provides the continuous analysis and visibility businesses need to detect, remediate and prevent security and compliance gaps. This gives you a central view of the security status for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code environments.



Discover practical examples and gain a first-hand insight during our live webinars with our partners Sophos and Cisco. You’ll even be able to put your questions directly to the experts.


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